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Spyder Will Be A Big Hit - Superstar Mahesh

Superstar Mahesh's big budgeted film 'SPYder' in A.R. Murugadoss's Direction Presented by Tagore Madhu, Produced by N.V.Prasad in N.V.R Cinemas LLP, Reliance Entertainments banners. 'SPYder' has been made as a bilingual in Telugu, Tamil languages. Film is gearing up to release worldwide on September 27th as a Dussehra gift. Pre-Release event of the film was held last night at Hyderabad. Songs has been screened in this event. On this occasion....

Superstar Krishna said, “When I was new in Chennai trying my luck as an actor and discussing with Kutumbarao Garu, director Sridhar Garu came up to me and said there was a Tamil film that I can do.  I said I did not know Tamil. Sridhar Garu said he would teach me. But I didn’t do the movie. The film was Kadhalikka Neramillai. Later Adurti Subbarao Garu introduced me as a hero.  And here I am today with three hundred and fifty films and countless fans. Mahesh is showing vast improvement with each of his films. I am pleased that Mahesh is getting introduced with a great director like AR Murugadoss. All songs are good. The trailer is excellent. I am sure the movie will be a Superhit”.                    

Spyder Is A Hollywood Movie

SJ Suryah said, ”Spyder is like a Hollywood movie. It is a different concept movie with fantastic songs and stylish action. The fans will feel thrilled”.

Finest Movie In India

Director Koratala Siva said,”Right from the first look poster and teaser I am curious about Spyder. Everything is of excellent quality. We can say Spyder is the finest movie in India. I am a big fan of gripping narration of director AR Murugadoss. And when you a have team comprising of Santosh Sivan and Harris Jayaraj, I need not tell more. I just wish the team all the best”.

Galla Jayadev said,”This is the first bilingual of Mahesh Babu. I always used to tell him that he should do a Tamil movie as he speaks Tamil very fluently. He is born and brought up in Chennai. Now, it has become real. Style, Intensity, and Emotion are three characteristics that should be present in Mahesh Babu’s film. Looking at the trailer, I can see them all”.

Vamshi Paidipally said,”I am big fans of Murugadoss’s writing and direction. There is no greater director than him in India in weaving a commercial entertainer with a social message that reaches the maximum number of people. Mahesh Babu is a hero with conviction who gives immense respect to the directors. Spyder has got the perfect team”.

Sure-shot Blockbuster

Music director Harris Jayaraj said that he missed the function due to rerecording work of the movie. Spyder will be a sure shot blockbuster. The music director thanked Murugadoss for giving the wonderful opportunity. He also felt happy working with Mahesh Babu. He thanked the rest of the unit and actor SJ Suryah, Rakul Preet Singh before unveiling a special song from the movie.

Everyone Will Feel Proud

Producer NV Prasad said,” I never imagined that I would get to produce a prestigious movie like Spyder. We took it as a challenge and did it. I narrated many scripts to Mahesh Babu so that I can launch a Telugu hero in Tamil. Finally, Mahesh Babu liked Murugadoss’s Spyder. Within five minutes Mahesh Babu agreed to do it believing in me. I thank Mahesh Babu for that. Everyone will feel proud of the movie for sure. I know how eagerly people are waiting for the film. The entire team worked hard to deliver a good film. Special mention must go to Santosh Sivan Garu who did not take up any other film till the first copy of our movie was ready. I was astonished by the working style of Harris Jayaraj. Similarly, Peter Heins, he worked like a hundred men put together. People will be thrilled at his action scenes in the movie. Murugadoss Garu put so much effort right from the scripting stages. He and his team have finally given a fantastic film. Spyder will be beyond everyone’s expectations. It will create All-Time Records. It will bring festival atmosphere in the industry”.

'Spyder' Is Not Possible Without Mahesh

AR Murugadoss said,” Today is a significant day in my life. I saw Mahesh Babu Garu’s Okkadu in Vijayawada. Even after four weeks, it was running like a festival. Whenever I used to meet Mahesh Babu Garu since then, I used to say I am his fan and would like to do a film with him. An actor is the biggest strength of a director. Many people have asked me how has Spyder shaped up. To all of them, all I say is it has shaped up like Mahesh Babu. It has style and handsomeness and is made with dedication. Surely everyone will like it. The shooting of the film happened for a year and more than half of the time spent for night shoots. Never once did Mahesh Babu say that he would come to sets late the next day. That is the commitment of Mahesh Babu. I have worked with many stars, but I have never seen someone like Mahesh Babu. I would like to dedicate the movie’s success to Mahesh Babu’s dedication. Without him, Spyder wouldn’t have been possible. I have known Madhu from Tagore days. He has taken care of smallest of things regarding the film. Santosh Sivan will show a new Mahesh Babu in the movie. Harris Jayaraj’s music is already a hit. The background score is also coming out well. The interval block will blow everyone’s mind. I thank SJ Suryah for immediately agreeing to play the villain role even though he is busy as a hero. We worked as assistant directors together. I also thank Peter Heins, Srikar Prasad, and my entire team”.

They are Gods

And finally, Superstar Mahesh Babu speaking at the function said,” Today is a proud day for our team. We have waited for one and half year for this. I met AR Murugadoss for the first time during Pokiri in 2006. We have been planning to work, since then. It took us a decade to come together. I love Murugadoss movies. I am a big fan of his stories and screenplays. It is my good fortune to work with him after a decade. He explained me the story of Spyder for one and half hour in my house. The audience should be stunned with extraordinary scenes, fights, and action said Murugadoss at the narration and today, forget audience, I was stunned while dubbing for the film. It is not a joke making a bilingual. I don’t think anyone else has done a proper bilingual as we have with Spyder. Shooting the same shot with same takes in Telugu and Tamil simultaneously is a difficult job and only a great director can pull off. Hats off to Murugadoss for pulling it off. I will not forget the one and half year journey that I made with him. He is the same person with same attitude and simplicity when I met him a decade ago during Pokiri. It was an amazing experience working with a pan-India director. It takes great guts and passion for making a movie like Spyder. I thank the producers for putting their belief in us. We worked as hard as we should for a film like Spyder. It is now up to fans to make it a big hit on September 27".

Murugadoss Made It Possible

"It is a memorable experience working with Santosh Sivan. When I used to study in Chennai, films like Roja and Dalapathy released. I used to think of working with him when I grew up. I tried many times, but finally, it was made possible by AR Murugadoss. I worked under the direction of SJ Suryah Garu, and now I am working at co-actor. Working on the climax schedule was very difficult. I never felt that difficulty in my career. It was that intense. We worked with two thousand jr artists. SJ Suryah was always full of energy. I thank Rakul for adjusting the dates in her busy schedule supporting the film. Once I accept a story, I put my life into it. My director is like a God to me. I believe that, and hence I got films like Okkadu, Athadu, Pokiri, and Srimanthudu. I have become this big because of that belief".

Fans like No-One Else

I have got fans like no one else. You (fans) see my film only if you like it. I wish you (fans) forever stay that way. I will always try to make good movies for you. I knew speaking Tamil but speaking frequently generally and in movies are two different things. Director Murugadoss deserves all the credit for the confidence given to me for Tamil dubbing. Spyder is releasing worldwide on September 27. This festival will be bigger than all the previous ones. I hope all the fans blessings are on us”

Superstar Mahesh, Rakul Preet Singh, SJ Surya will be seen in principle roles. 
Music : Harris Jayaraj, Cinematography : Santosh Sivan ASC, ISC, Editing : Sreekar Prasad, Production Deaigner : Rupin Suchak, Fights : Peter Hein, Presented by Tagore Madhu, Producer : N.V.Prasad, Story-Screenplay-Direction : A.R.Murugadoss

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