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Maheshbabu Interview About Spyder

 Waiting for an exit for `spider` - Mahesh Superstar Mahesh, ARR Murugadoss's combination in Tagore Madhu's offering in NRR. 'Spider' is a huge action entertainer produced by NV Prasad on the film LLB banner. The film will release on September 27th. The hero Mahesh Babu told the journalists about the film. I'm fine - The movie will be released in two days. It's very exhausting. It is a pleasure to work with director like Murugadoss. I worked with Natim for a year and a half for this film. Think for ten years ... - I have been thinking of working for ten years with Murugadasagari. But for both the dates do not. It is still ten years old. Happy bilingual movie. It is happy to do in Telugu and Tamil. Working with director like Murugadoss seemed to be real. I'm fine. New Experience ... - Artists are different in Telugu. Artists are different in Telugu. The new scenario has been made in two different languages ​​in one day. What is the difference in Telugu and Tamil? If a take is extra, it looks like you can move on to the field. But after three days it was not easy to see a lingual movie. Even after a tune on a scene in Telugu, Later it took time for the closets. It seems like a film is being remade the same day. Now the dialogues are given when Korathalagari is shooting for the film. That's what happened. Unic Concept ... - Technically Spider movie is very super. Also in my budget is my favorite budget movie. Promos and teaser have taken care of all things. There are many exhausting elements in the film. The film was screened with the Unic Concept. The movie is in the theater. About SJ Surya ... -S.J. Suryakrishnan played the villain in this film. I met SJ Suryakari as a director very often. Two months after the launch of Murugadasagar movie, Saju Sireya is doing the villain. I did not understand before. After two days of sunset, the villain in the film would be better suited. After seeing his Brilliant Performance in tomorrow's film, you know what he is doing well. Bharat is also seen in a crucial role in the film. Bharat has acted in the film with a love for Murugadasagar. Action Movie with Message ... - Murugadasagari movies will have direct message in the sword and Ramana films. The gun and gajini movies will be seen in action patron. Spider is also a Action movie. The message also includes a message in the film. About Heroes ... - Herisgari Tunes got a very good response. Extraordinary background score. The viewers who see the film will be thrilled to have a background score too. About next movie ... - I am doing my next film. After the producers talk, the film will be released in about ten or twenty days. Rajamouli is the film ... - Rajamouli Ghari is directing the film's commitment. Now the films that are being done are complete and Rajamouliari's commitments are completed after our combo. I'm also looking forward to it.

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