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AR Murugadoss Interview on Spyder

 'Spider' will see the newest Mahesh - ARMuragadas Superstar Mahesh's hero and Rakul Preet is the action entertainer 'Spider' directed by AR Murugadas. NTR at Tagore Madhu offering NV Prasad produced the film on the film LLP banner. The film is being released simultaneously in Telugu and Tamil and is released worldwide on September 27th. Interview with director ARMurugadas on this occasion.   What are the things that inspire you to 'Spider'? - Here are two things. The first is humanity. If there is a big disaster, then there is humanity. But if there is a small accident, it will have to be taken to share the video, unless humanity does not appear. That is not the same 20 years ago. Everyone has come forward to help if the accident happened. If there is a big disaster or flood, then humanity comes out. We can not wait for the disaster. Help everyone. This includes the same message as indirect. Previously there were joint families. Now husband, wife and children are together. Everyone is connected to a device. Secondly, there is no secret in our life now. Before all, there was a fear for everyone. Now the fear of the secret camera. Any crime can be solved very easily. A few days after a murderer, you can find out where the secret camera is. Humanity and IB intelligence will have this film. The reason for SJ Suryan as a villain? - The villain character wanted to be totally different. Mahesh can hit 50 at least once. That power can be shown in him. So far, Rowdy and Sumos .. Mahesh will see a lot in the movie. A villain that is hiding somewhere without appearing. He can attack gorilla anytime. He has no rules, not law. The villain that is psychologically damaging as Shakuni in Mahabharata rather than physical. Ten people feel stronger than the strong villains. MindGame plays. Surya made the character wonder. The movie is a kind of fear for all of us. Are the viewers present in the commercial cinema now? - If you give a message as an indirect in a commercial film, the audience will get a decent deficit. If the movie is to give the message only it becomes dry. If you do with a bigger hero, it's easy to connect with everyone. What is Mahesh Character? - Junior Intelligence Officer in IB Office. Very stylish. His character shows how intelligence is what he is. There is a powerful power between the hero and the villain. Mahesh made it very exciting. Where is the movie's backdrop? - Movie made in backdrop as Hyderabad Hyderabad is also shown in the Tamil version. The script has a Geographical Importance. The story takes place in Hyderabad. Every scene in the movie like a gun is very natural. Hero is seen as a super hero in this movie. Are you doing this film? - I do not know what the viewers think of the trailer that has come so far. See the movie. This is a hounded perspective realistic movie. The scenes that are away from naturalism do not appear anywhere in the film.   Is it a risk to act in two languages ​​with Maheshwala hero? - The bilingual film is that some shots can be similar in both languages. Some silent shots can be used in two languages. However, each shot was shot in two languages. So Mahesh Superstar is the background score. The new hero in Tamil so we have scored the background score. After seeing Telugu cinema you know the difference in Tamil cinema. Prabhasi Story Story - That's the truth. Personally speaking on the phone, it is not personal, and has not discused any project. When is the film with Rajinikanth - I met him two or three times. The story also said. The dates can not be reached. Our combination can be after the movie. About 'Spider' Producers? - Tagore Madugaru I have been introduced since 10 years. The filmmaker's friend Madhu Ragu is doing the film in Tamil. Ramanaa was remake in Telugu with Chiranjeevi. Then the Hindi Ghajini, Stalin did. Four films have been made continuously. Madagara and Prasadaga are common in Telugu and Tamil industry. Anyone in the Tamil industry should go to Tirupati by the Prasadgari. The knife also helped me in time. I can not forget the two contribution in making 'Spider'. Priyadarsagar worked as an assistant director until the film was complete. Chiranjeevi. Now it is with Mahesh. Which of the two of you was comfortable with? - Stalin 10 years ago. I was very young, very early, very senior. I was new to the director. There is a fear of doing a movie with Chiranjeevi. Fussatime is in a language other than my mother tongue. Including visuals

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