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Nenu Kidnap Ayyanu Ready For Release

 Sweet Movie Creations banner, "in the wake of the abduction drama" Varun presentation DAGGUBATI Madhavi movie block, "I'm kidnapped. The film has completed its censor programs. The sensor members enjoyed the film very well. This is all our family is to be such a good comedy, "I'm kidnap film 'clean' U 'certificate given. Is planning to release in the second week of August.  The producer Madhavi block-in-law said, "in our image, the first copy will become. Censor board members watching a well-enjoyed. Our team is very well liked. Clean U certificate was given. Director Srikar Babu, the film very well. Brahmanandam, Posani Krishna Murali, alcoholic Raghu Babu, Krishna Bhagavan and Prithvi La Hahah along with Ramesh La Comedy  Director Srikar Babu said, "the output come out really well. The sensor of the words are very happy to make it. Clean U certificate arrived very happy gaundi. Producer kampramais rather than to the cinema, how would how much was spent. The main distributors we are contacting. The film's unit members are very well supported Brahmanandam Posani Said.

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