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Mahanubhavudu First Look Details

 Sharwanand, UVCriosions, Maruthi "Mahanabhavudu" first release on August 24  Mehran is the heroine of a good commercial film, which has turned out to be a good commercial film with Mehrunni heroine with the film, Krrishaji director Maruthi directed UVCriosion banner, Vamsi and Pramad. The film is being shot out of the film except for the song. Dabbing programs from today Italy, Austria, Croatia and in Poland, Ramaziphilmitti, in Hyderabad, shooting in beautiful locations. The film will be released on August 24th and will release the brainchild of the look and brain. The film is directed by Pakka Family Entertainer.  The producers said, "Run Raja Run, Express Raja" is the third movie produced by Sharvanand. The comedy from Maruthi's came from the comedy is very good, and soon the film is directed. The shooting is complete except for the song. Dabbing carcasses are celebrating today. In foreign countries, we shot a picture of several places in India. On August 24th, the film will release a dark look and teaser. Mahanobha is another good film in Sharvanand Ki Mabiner. We are preparing to complete all the programs and release them to the success. "He said.  Director Maruthi said that after the film BallebamalagadiVoyi, I have done a very good picture of doing the film Mahanabha. We went over the set of the film after all that was well thought out. The film is believed to be the best film in Sharvanand's career. Sharwanand did very well. Full comedy. Thaman provided super audio. The film is a musical love story. On August 24th, we will be seeing the film's dark look. The producers are planning to release Dussehra. "He said.  .. Sharwanand actors, meharin, Vennela Kishore, Nasser, save, Kalyani Natraj, pijjabay, Sun, himaja, Venu, Sudarshan, Sai, Venky, sankarravu, ramadevi, Madhumati, copper, silver, abbulu Chaudhary, Subhash, R. et al ..  .. sangitam esesthaman technicians, sinimatographar Nijjar Shafiq, art-ravindar, fights-Venkat, Editing kotagiri Venkateswara, executive prodyusar ensandip, time-prodyusar eskeen, prodyusars Vamsi pramod, story, dialogues, screenplay and the Maruti darsakatvam

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