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Puri Jagannadh Response on Drugs and Media Reaction

Puri Jagannadh Response on Drugs and Media Reaction

Sensational Director Puri Jagannadh who is facing Drug addict or drug usage allegations  reacted today after SIT investigation . He has shared his reaction and opinions in social media in his official Twitter Handle .

As we all know he is a daring and dashing director in the same way he has expressed his opinions on interrogation and Media Hungama from few days 

Purijagannadh said : i am not having any kind of connection with kelvin I am very Responsible person and i care for society if i come to know its Illegal thing i never touch it  and do that kind of work in my life .. as responsible person i will attend if SIT Call me again for Investigation .to show my respect towards police i have made many films on them  and as a respect on media i made film called ISM and personally i know each and every media person and we are very friendly too but what happened i don't know they have telecasted fabricated and cooked stories on me its really pinching my whole family is facing the blame media has spoiled my life with their base less stories which made me very sad  
if i am wrong SIT will decide with this he ended his message

According to me Purijagannadh has made very emotional scenes in his films but its very difficult to see puri jagan in that emotional way in his real life 

i have met puri jagannadh sir many times in media interactions he is so humble and friendly too and he has always been very open about everything..
Anyways now the SIT will decide what to do and what not to do.. But  definitely puri Jagan surely has a point in his hand!

to be frank its looking like some section of Media has cornered him and over focused on this drug issue is a bit beyond the limit.

i am sure he will get clean sheet from SIT and he will Also score blockbuster hit with Paisa vasool 

what ever it may be finally TRUTH will WIN for Sure 

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