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'Fidaa' Audio Launched Grandly

 `Fida` becomes the best movie in Varunte's career in terms of performance, performance - Dilraj  'Fida' is being directed by Varun Tej in the film 'Sri Venkateswara Creations' banner. Dil Raju and Sirish are producing this film under the direction of Shekhar Kammula. Sneham Fame Sai Pallavi is the heroine of this movie. The audio launch program of this film was released in Hyderabad on Monday. Audio CDs were produced by producer Dilraj, while the first CD was received by director Shekhar Kammula. On this occasion ..  A beautiful love story that every visitor sees with his family Dil Raju, producer of hit films, said, "Anand is a good film like a film like Khushi. Shekhar told me the story and heroine heroes of this movie. I wanted to take Varun as Sekhar Kammula hero. Because Pawan Kalyan's career was the first love and goodbye in the start of the career. So, if LoveStories are in the start, the heroes get to the audience. Arya made by Allu Arjun also made LoveStory. I'd like to do a come up hero lovestore. That is the story of the love story that Varun told Shekhar Varun. Varun started the journey as he liked the story. This movie is 100 Percent Sekhar Kammula Style Movie. How he made Anand and Happyadas movies. That's why Fida made the film. After Anand and Happiness films, Sekhar Kamal could not be the right hit. Then in the range fida pakka sekhar kammula style movie. The journey is unforgettable. Fidha movie will be followed by Anand and Happyadays in Shekhar's career. She has done a good team and made Shekar in style. The Best Output came. To talk about Varun, the megastar should speak about the chiranjeevi. When I was Audience, I looked closer to him in the shooting of the film. Later she was taken as a distributor for Alluda Majaka movie. Pawan Kalyanaru, Ramcharan, Varun, Sai are all heroes after that, because of Chiranjeevi. So there is no function related to Varun without chiranjeevi. Fida Varun becomes the best movie in career. In terms of Performance, this is the best movie for Varun in terms of Collections. Sekhar will have a sensitive point in his movies. The film also has a sensitive point between father and son. So everybody is going to see the audience with their family. Cout LoveStory. The film will be released on July 21st. Hattrick hit in six months. Fida is another success. " The first kiss, Khushi movies will be remembered  Shekhar Kammula said, "My movie has come and gone. I'm also tension. I usually compare my movies. When you look at the film `Fida` is a picture of my daughter. Very brave and honest cinema. I told the king that the film would be completed in 70-80 days. But there were some problems. Varuntez became a fractured leg. We've waited a few days. That's a few days post post. There were some problems when shooting in America. At that time came Dilarraju. It was found that he was in the hospital when he thought that our problems were diligurous. Later that day we learned the truth. We are shocked. Dulraj returned on the same day. I think the Tmendus results will come to Fida's film, which is very difficult. The king is the producer and the big anset. Varuntez and Sai Pallavi are the big ones. The film got very well. Very different. Somebody will see the lead pair in the trailer and the Khushi will be remembered. The Qurshi really appreciates the first time. This is Pallavi Pawan Kalyan Fan. Pallavi Triumendus heroine. Great Performance offered. Varun smile and style is great. Many days later, the character of the hero appears in the tears Lover. In the first half, Pawan made such a roll. Then Varun appears in such a role. Varun has all the shades. Chiranjeevi, Powangaru, Nagababu Ragu will be seen in him. People in Bhansuvaada have been very supportive. Also in the US, people in Astan have been very supportive. Shakti Kanth gave the most wonderful music. Thanks to him. Seetharama Sasthagari Abbai Raja has done a very good role. The film was made for a year. But I can not forget the king's support. Fidas likes audition as he comes from school. I know the film results. The movie is a very different movie. "  Fans will make films Varuntez said: "Fidakandi has been given a powerful music by Shakam Kanth. I gave The Best Album in my career. Seetharama Sagiraguru, Chaitanya and Suththala Ashokhagguru have provided good literature. Sekharagaru movies will see Anand and Happy films movies Cult Movies. The movie will have a very sensitive points. Thanks to Dilraju. Dilrajugari, who has produced 25th films, wants to make 25 films with our Fida film. Has given so much confidence. The heroine character is very strong in the film. Be very massive

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