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Nenu Kidnap Ayyanu Movie Details

 In the submission of Daggubati Varun The famous cartoonist Mallick is in the lead role Madhuram Movie Creations "I was kidnapped" Sweet Movie Creations banner, "in the wake of the abduction drama" Varun presentation DAGGUBATI Madhavi movie block, "I'm kidnapped. Plans gold producer, said Madhavi shooting, post-production programs that the sensor works. Director Srikar Babu took this film very well. Our image was sweeping believe nakundi, "he said. The director Srikar Babu said, our image of the popular cartoonist Malik, the golden key to the role. His first film. Earlier, he got many other assignments, he did not. Such our film in the Act, to make us very happy. He has all the shots m in a single take. his combination made in the Act . It supports a lot of us have our Chitra Rao producer Madhavi the block. our follows none of us are  Artists Posani Krishna Murali "Cartoonist" Mallick Prithvi Raghu Babu Krishna Bhagavan Drunkard ramesh Woke up Truth Kota Sankara Rao Satyananda Srikanth Dhirendra Harsh Krishna Murthy Vishal Saumitri Glory Kothari Aditi Singh Teju Reddy Drip Barbie Sapna   Technicians Story - Direction: Srikumar Babu Screenplay: Diwakar launches Dialogues: Mallick Music: Srikanth Lyrics: Gangotri Viswanath Producer: Magnificent mirror

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