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Mera Hoardings New Hello Technology

 Mera hoardings in their "New Hello Technology" made to launch Marilyn Carolina. Founded in 2015, the portal on-line booking ad space merahoardings.com Telangana, Andhra Pradesh provides lalovijayavantanga. Currently, 20 states in the country and has expanded its services merahoardings.com. Through this portal in India for the first outdoor ad space booking Android, the iPhone operating system to operate by the way, has launched an app to the Pro Kabaddi team. Once again, the company is now run by the Premier badminton Badminton Association of India, they are in the Premier League, has been elected as the official partner of the Badminton League, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Lucknow and Delhi has kampeyining. Outdoor Advertising are baying merahoardings.com ad space in the new technology, "HellooOH Technology" was introduced. Billboards for advancing the customer through the app with no ads on the decision of whether to maintains tisukotaniki. The new system unique is that many of these vehicles to pass before being Billboards .. seems to be looking at how many of the keyboards. Buyer space to add to the 24 x 7 The Reports are coming in the way he wanted. Pratekata of this app is the same.  The "HellooOH Technology" app launched from the hands of the famous badminton player, Marilyn Carolina. merahoardings.com company siivo Dr. Sai Krishna said, "Right now, for a change in the Advertising Industry, we have to start the new app. Android, aioes. Operating system by running this app, the mobile ad space on-line booking to have set up in such a way. We have started this way badminton in the Premier League is a milestone for us. this is thanks to Marilyn Carolina Hello App is launched, "he said

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