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Prema Tho Oka Kougilintha

 A hug of love  Vaiyasyas pudota Pictures banner. Renu Verma's direction, srikes, Prem Sagar, Ashok, survival, love and a hug for wet film in the lead role. Songs of our film was shot in stunning locations. Forest in the back-drop, short film went to the four young men had for the shooting events, and in the spirit of the forest to the point of being harassed, with the highlight of the graphics, vaiyasyas. The film is directed by Varma, which is awesome producers are planning to release on 14th of this month.  Story - Screenplay - Direction: vaiyasyas. Verma Music: Vijay kurakula Editing: NTR question Camera: Mohan Chand Construction: pudota Pictures Line Producer: nayim

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