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L7 Platinum Disc Function

 Rahul Movie Makers El 7  'Tungabhadra fame as a hero Arun adit Puja jhaveri main cast as the heroine and others, Rahul Movie Makers banner, with the film' El 7 ". The Chitra producer in the past, "a witness in the Rain" is a lot like the pictures. B producer. Subbareddigaru obul said, "Love, comedy, thriller, produced important to our image out of the foot very well. Recently, we have the audio. The audio vacccindi a good response. Our movie platinum disc function Prasad today took place in the lab. This is the music director of the film 'Ishq 'directed by Arvind Shankar have been working on the music. he is an amazing music. the film will be introduced by the director Mukund Usendi. he Ishq past, gallantayyindi heart issue, we have a super hit films like the story, screenplay and direction departments have been working on. the picture 21 I had brought forward the date of the audience, "he said.

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