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Money is Honey Ready for Release

 And the sensor is ready to fulfill all the functions of the "Money Is harm".  Svetasri kriyosans movie introduces new actors hiroyinluga Janardhan sivalanki directed by Hiro, Jale vasudevanayudu movie "The Money Is harm". And the sensor is ready to fulfill all of the programs in this film. Speaking on the occasion, Chitra producer Jale vasudevanayudu: Money is the construction of a new natinatulato hurt I was ready to release. In the second half of next month, and the image sensor programming shortly planning to release it. On June 15 in the presence of a distinguished career that adiyonu vidudalacestamu said. Director Janardhan said: the film takes me to believe that would be the story of my liberty vaccindinannu very well, given the pervasiveness of thanks to my producer Jale vasudevanayudu garu. My thanks to all the ways for me to cooperate with the natinatulaku teknisiyans.  Main cast: jevinayudu, Roshan, jiemmar, Venky, Aashiq, writing Smith, rasmija, Babu and others pokala. Music Director: G. Vasant, diopi: Raja cycle, Lyrics: kernel Seenu, Editor: bimahi. Producer: Jale vasudevanayudu, story, screenplay and direction: Janardan sivalanki.

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