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Sree Ramaraksha First Look Details

 `Sriramaraksa by a family entertainer '  Vasistha Film Academy banner Rajit, samili, intoxication, Vijay Kumar, Shafi, a cauldron, Sankarabharanam Rajya Lakshmi, Kashi Vishwanath rupondutonna main cast of the film 'sriramaraksa. Prabhat Verma, the film is produced and directed by Ramu terakekkutonna.  With the exception of one song, the entire talkie part of the film was finished. Good family entertainer to make this film to show the concept of social responsibility prastavistunnam. Soon, the first look, teaser that was released in September and plan to release the audio of the film producers said Chitra director.  Dialogues, lyrics: limit ketharnath, music, Sabu Varghese, background score: vaidhi, cinematography: esmuralimohanreddi, Fights: Ram Hiren, co-producers: gamidi truth, pivirangaraju, Producer: Prabhat Verma, Story, Screenplay directed by: Joe.

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