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Prabhas Launches Araku Road Lo Song Teaser

 From the hands of Prabhas' Shelf Road "song teaser released Ram Shankar, Seshadri Creations banner nikhisa hero and the heroine Vasudev Patel, director Maka Balasubrahmanyam, b. Bhaskar, vegiraju prasadaraju, ramesvari fox jointly produced the film "arakurodlo '. The film is scheduled for release in full and audio. Young Rebel Star Prabhas this Chitra song teaser unveiled Ramoji Film City. Speaking on the occasion, Prabhas '..' .. never married, the rasinatlundi this song about me. There are a lot of lyrics caches. Song has a lot of varieties. Mr. Puri naturally tunes of his movies, he will refer to the lyrics. Chitra Director Vasudev also found, as well as the multi-talented. Adiripoyindi this song. The film also had good success korukuntunnanuani. Chitra Director Vasudev said .. ".. Reverse tellabadi potavunde 'teaser of the song lyric elastic at the behest of our Amazon, Amazon set to launch Prabhas Rao Film City is very happy. On this occasion, a special thanks to him on behalf of everyone in our team telupukuntunnamu. In this song I was writing with RAMANJANEYULU. Chitra is currently shooting has been completed. On September 10 in the presence of a distinguished career grand audio innovation jarupanunnam Hyderabad. Puri Sangeet songs by the market ... is going to be released. The event ramsankar hero, producer Maka Balasubrahmanyam involved. Ramsankar, nikhisa Patel, Kamal Kamaraju, Abhimanyu Singh, Kovai Sarala, the Thirty Years' phrthvi, Krishna Bhagawan and others in the cast of this film, literature, Vasudev, RAMANJANEYULU; Editor Marthand K. Venkatesh, music, Vasudev, rahulraj; Director of photography: Jagdish dark, producers Meka Balasubrahmanyam, b. Bhaskar, vegiraju prasadaraju, ramesvari foxes; Writing, directing, Vasudev.

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