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Rani Gari Bangla Audio Success Meet

  `Her Majesty bangala audio success meet Balaji Nanda Anand nagalingam presentation, Rashmi Gautam, sivakrsna bangala leading role, the film `Her Majesty. We made the film directed by film studios didivakar banner. Ishwar peravalli music audio success meet at Prasad Labs, Hyderabad, was the program on Monday. The Matladutusinima actor Tanikella Bharani is a very interesting title. The movie will appear in the film, playing fifty days. The film was very successful producer Balaji nagalingam garu think to bring former glory. The success of the film in the same way as the audio unit is the best ... will seek to be a big success. And the success of some of the movies the actor had been in the past, some people matladutunirmata sivakrsna said. Diwakar as well as the director of the film, is interesting. Katy reined in the role of the pastor in the film. I am happy to work with a good team. The film was a big success bhavistunnanuannaru unit and bring a good name. Tummalapalli ramasatyanarayana matladutudarsaka producers, is a good introduction. In this film, is very well known. The film also scored a major hit songs in the film is going to be huge hit ... Audience didivakar matladutuisvar songs provided a good response from the director is happy coming. Designed with the concept of a good horror movie. Eswar good sangitannadincadu. In collaboration with the producers of the film was able to be good. Anand was the hero of the Act as well. Revival's good name in the future. The film was released in theaters on July 29, trying to two hundred. Said thanks to everyone who has supported .... Balaji nirmatanaina nagalingam ... the small world of the film for me. Kastanastalakorci many of these films. Didivakar film director took it very well. In addition to the name of this film as a director, would also be good opportunities for the future, want to come. Ishwar peravalli music highlight this muvike. All the big success of the film will be more co-korukuntunnanuannaru. Kevivisatyanarayana this event, joy Suresh and others were present.

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