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Kabali Premieres Collections

Press Release: SuperStar RajiniKanth’s KABALI collected $2 Million $$$ just for Premieres

It seems the word phenomenon was coined for superstar Rajinikanth. And records were made just to be broken by him. If you all thought it would be a ‘Baahubali’an task to break all the existing records, wait till we tell you what Rajinikanth did!
They say “Rajinikanth’s pulse in measured in Richter’s scale”. It’s supposed to be a joke but guess what, it’s not just his pulse but the collections of his films as well that have created a somewhat similar effect! You’d be in disbelief if we tell you his latest release, Kabali, has managed to create a sensation. Beating records created by every other Indian film, the Thalaivar’s film has raked in a record collection of $2 million at the US and Canada box-office on Premiere Day alone, and let us tell you this record is for premieres alone! Have you seen the film yet?
CineGalaxy Inc., which has earlier associated with Telugu films like Manam, Bhale Bhale Magadivoi and Nannaku Prematho among several others, and Tamil films like Theri and 24 is glad to be associated with a phenomenon like Kabali.

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