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Sri Kala Sudha Ugadhi Awards Details

On March 15, srikalasudha Ugadi Awards  Chennai srikalasudha Telugu Association for the past 16 years stood Award for outstanding service to the famous grand satkaristu destruction program is to be awarded. On November 21, 1998, the company launched in the spring of this year adugidutondi 17th. Like every year, this year also offers a fantastic New Year srikalasudha Telugu Association awards. March 15, 4 hours and 23 minutes in the evening well spent in reading calendar Madras Music Academy, starting with the most distinguished guests are going to attend this event. Philinchambarlo to describe the features of this program at a press conference was held in Hyderabad on March 7. Telugu Association president Srinivas betireddi srikalasudha this meeting, the Secretary mallineni amarendar, actor Kasi Vishwanath, mimicry artist v harikisan, Venu involved.  Betireddi Srinivas: 17 years, many of the programs to take our srikalasudha Telugu Association successfully. Awards are given every year, our company was awarded a fantastic New Year festival is held on the Sunday before. This year's awards will be held on March 15. Mukhyaatithiga Andhra Pradesh Education Minister participated in the program, an srinivasaravugaru. Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly deputy chairman of the Council shall preside over the meeting buddhaprasadgaru. It turns out that the famous nepathyagayakulu espibalasubrahmanyangaru featured as a guest. Apart from these, many celebrities from different walks of life to take part in this event. Asvinisastri before the ceremony, Rohini sastrigarlace is reading calendar. After yamyamsrilekhagaru carol singing. Kuchipudi dance from Rajahmundry to sindhurigaru be fine. Yamyamsrilekhagaru, darbha mrduravaligaru bapugari films, songs to entertain the patrons. This program is carried out jibhargavi bapugari granddaughter. On this occasion, the film's release in 2014, the year of the awards to 24 of 24 andincabotunnam Craft. As well as the avatarapurusa 'Bapu' awards in the name of the heroines in movies starring bapugari jayapradagariki, snehagariki 'Bapu' toy 'awards will be awarded. They wear the crown is silver. World Women's Day is a day to honor women Ratna awards mangatayarugariki entrance to the musicians, the education of the Drs. Andincabotunnam venugopalgariki Jaya.  Kashi Vishwanath: Chitra industry's most physically and mentally from Chennai and Hyderabad vaccesinappatiki there are difficulties in their lives, comforts, happiness, feelings are remembered forever. The awards ceremony to mark the tenth anniversary vesukunenduku memories that will be the venue. Srinivasgaru the last 17 years without any non-continuous operating this program, I appreciate them.  V harikisan: bapugaru provided us a lot of great movies. His name is on the bapubomma very happy to provide the name of the heroine of the awards. Chennai kalasagar previously provided by the company of its kind in the awards. After 17 years, the company has closed. That is exactly the time srinivasgaru srikalasudha company. I was kalasagarlo award. However, 17 years later, I had the opportunity to srikalasudhalo. In this program, I'm going to a new onomatopoeia. Performing a point somewhere far screened in this program.  Mallineni amarendar: Awards are given every year in our company ceyincinavi of pure silver. A good objective, without any profit srinivasgarito program're all in this together. Despite everything, we are omitting various businesses are working hard in order to succeed in this presentation.  Recipients of the 17th Ugadi  Best Actor Balakrishna (Legend)  Best Actress: Shriya (I)  Best Supporting Actor:  Kasi vishwanath  Best Supporting Actress: progress mahavadi  Best Newcomer: varuntej (Mukund)  Best New Actress: rasikhanna (hypotheses whispered)  Best New Actress: Pooja Hegde (for a Laila, Mukund)  Special Jury Award: Ajay (Ramaiah viewing directions)  Special Jury Award: Kartik (Brother of bommali)  Best drama: we (Akkineni)  Best Sensational Image: resugurram (Nallamalupu Srinivas (Bujji), Dr. Kevenkatesvararavu  Best Producer: Sai Korrapati (Legend, assumptions whispered, cry without directions)  Best Screenplay: bisukumar ('1' upcoming)  The best photographer (viesarsvami Award): arratnavelu  Best Music Director: Anoop Rubens (I)  Best Playback Singer: Goldie Devraj (ie ammayiran named Raja run)  Best Female Playback Singer: Chinmayi Sripada (padaharenainakarentu wire)  Best New Director: Srinivas purposes (hypotheses whispered)  Best Child Actor: Master gautamkrsna ('1' upcoming)   Avatarapurusa 'Bapu' Awards - Bapu Image: Jaya Prada, seha  Mahilaratna Awards: Gateway mangatayaru (musician), dajaya Venugopal (Education)

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