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Rudhramadevi Audio Launched in Warangal

 In Warangal 'rudramadevi' audio release  Anushka is the heroine of the top properties in the title role, Ms. Ragini property on the banner of Team Works Director gunasekhar dynamic presentation of stereoscopic 3-D image of the filmmakers rupondutonna first historical 'rudramadevi'. Maestro Ilayaraja music launch of the film, the three songs of the program on March 22, was in Warangal on Sunday. This program Telangana deputy Kadiyam Srihari, cinematography pm talasani Srinivas Yadav, Rebel Star Title, Stylish star Allu Arjun, gunasekhar, Konda Surekha, Paruchuri Brothers, Anushka, gunasekhar, Rana, Paruchuri Brothers, including hansanandini citrayunit members participated. Audio CD Allu Arjun, Anushka released the first CD Konda Surekha, Konda Murali, Neelima property, yuktamukhi gunalaku handed. Lahiri music released by the audio market. On this occasion, ...  Konda Surekha said 'struggles pseudonym rudramadevi appreciate the history of the film, directed by Gary gunasekhar. The movie in 2D, 3D technology being released. Kalamaindi I saw the movie. Would like to see this film, '' he said.  Talasani Srinivas Yadav '' represent the film industry to offer full cooperation. All the best to the film unit, '' he said.  Sirivennela sitaramasastri the 'rule of ekacatradhipatyanga telugujatini rudramadevi hrdayalanundi indelible in our history. Rudramadevi ever read the story of the film is the story of the art school days than the philosopher, director of gunasekhar appreciate, '' he said.  Deputy Chief Kadiyam said Hari 'gunasekhar, Dil Raju, Title, including Anushka appreciate the team,' 'he said.  Rebel Star Krishnam Raju said, "Anushka played very well. Gonagannareddi wanted to direct a film role 30 years ago. Now gunasekhar showed that the role of this film. All the best to the unit, '' he said.  Gunasekhar said, '' I was in the eighth class of non-diteyil inasphair read the history of the rudramadevi. 9 years, when I tried to film the movie. Tridilo stereoscopic decided to show the film at the sight of the avatar. It is the story of our Telugu them. Teluguvalla the story of the world. Marco Polo of the Italian Tourist Tamilnadu, rudramadevi about the administration. The story is so invigorating. Queen of Jhansi, Rani us know about Elizabeth rudramadevi do not know about. My attempt to communicate. Rudramadevi film will be released all over the world with 70 million budget. Garvincela teluguvalla we will be the queen. Works Properties Team worked together with me. Allu Arjun gonagannareddi character I came up with cestanantu. It was a great movie lover came forward to make this character. And runapaddam to Allu Arjun. Anushka has worked in the film to life. Queen rudrama do not know how. Anushka looking untundanipistundi now. Rudramadevi film Jodhaa Akbar is the story of the queen of my good fortune in sphair're revealed how she is said to have nitalulla. Rudramadevi that all kulillaga to work to build a movie. Bunny is very hard for the character. Mass angle, appears as a youth, '' he said.  Anushka said, 'It's my birthday while shooting urula changed,' 'he said.  Dil Raju said, '' How to Anushka's Arundhati see more of this in the film, is very visible. When I heard the story got a lot of rudramadevi egjait. Bunny gonagannareddi role in the film, he said. It seemed very happy. Gunasekhar, Bunny, Anushka portrayed in the film, a large range. Bunny entry changed in the range of the film, '' he said.  Stailis Star Allu Arjun said, '' casting Anushka hero of the film. Anushka, so this was a movie. This is due to complete his film. Verevarito this movie is not complete. Title, including Rana big artists, technicians worked great. I feel lucky to be a part of this film. In fact, the film is a good Thanksgiving cestanannappudu who encourage me. The first reason is the life for me to make this film in Telugu cinema. I ekkutundante a step in the Telugu film, I do not have more luck interchangeably. Telugu Movie stair climbing territory. Another reason is adavallante me. Historical movie producer to come forward to make such a lady oriented. But Gary was gunasekhar. Today, the second film, he says the first version alone. But the film is his first gunasekhar. Were never meant for the film. The director of the film The Passion. I have such a feeling for being here phyasanet director. The film is meant to achieve success. Where we came from. Whom did get to. History forgotten that we are, wherever you go. I have a history. History of the ciranjivigaru megastar. He got out of the shadow of the sun, he paikoccam hard. Ciranjivigari someone after me. Very easy to hurt someone, that bunny is very difficult to go into their heart ciranjivigaru once said to me. Thank you so much for me megabhimanulaku climbing stairs, '' he said.

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