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 Ram Gopal Varma's wedding  I am in my whole career vayalent movies, horror movies, action taken dhrillarlu. Intermittent Rangiroa, Mast, like romance Love Story pull of the film industry as a vayalent byagraundo or was a fantasy byagraundo  365 days, but in the 25 years of my career I was first in the 100% complete romantic tisanui in the background of each character and each boy every girl loves every married couple .... which is similar to my one married couple can not kadhe .. It is the story of the wedding ... I love everybody knew me svayanubhavalani on the wedding on my experiences with other couples on the basis of their combined 365 days ... so that everybody in the movie was the sweetest love story, the story of the wedding, everybody says.   Vayasoccinappati from the boy or girl, or "pelleppudu cesukuntav that" the cavagottestuntaru ayinavallu kanivallu nasa. The mother and grandmother, grandfather, brother, vadinallantivallu kutumbanlo bhojanalavagane alamaralo rinse the plates and the children reached the age of marriage and married nidrapovavalanukuntaruvalla heard decide if they need to be different, He did not feel comfortable pellenduku cesukuntunnav "With that grim expressions bhayapettestaru  In the words of love marriages Just need to get out of love, but had to marry the love of chemistry. Must be understood in terms of a chemical action of love. Their love and their expectations from the action of the reaction vatsayana ... .. romaksan ante romaksan action to secure them, they can be lovers of romantic action where I had to kiss. Cintakayale spells deprived of married life and the lives of the two combined have the power to ??? After the divorce, the power to pull down the lives of galipatallanti fly freely about ?? pellanedi? Crackers are made in siva kasi to the fact that marriages are made in heavenaa? Love is an emotional gathering mmotianaa? Biological action over? The license of the "wedding" perants nida? Social necessary? Brother pellilantide even death, "said poet who called," The wedding also cavulantide "hit the table fav hit a lot of people say that they are married. Sivudajna unless cimaina kuttanappudu this" marriage "in the sivudajna or the man who svayakrtaparadhama? Ammayilni God as part of his duty, created abbayilni ... The man is going to create the marriage of his ignorance?  365 days to answer a lot of questions unanswered, such ceptunda this? Or yet another question: Who deals with the proceeds? This is something that I do not even know who is the director of this movie .... I've heard so far, I am opposed to the system of marriage mikanipincavaccukani that it is not my intention to Steven Spielberg on the Three Gods Graves on the Wotta cebutunnanuika jokeleyyatam apesi serious joke In the 365 days is not kadhe you gotta see my love, the love story of a boy and a girl, this one is not even ... It's Losing It Losing married to the love story ... a story to tell the truth.  Ram gopal varma

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