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Ravi Teja Bengal Tiger Regular Shoot Started Today

  Balupu, the power of the super hit films such as the Mass Maharaj Ravi Teja, Milky beauty Tamanna, smiling Miss mass Khanna heroines, such as the blockbuster hit after the fuss being directed by Sampath Nandi, who had started the Bengal Tiger Recently pujakaryakramalato. The regular shooting of the film in arephsi prambhamaindi. This is scheduled to take place from the 14th of this month in Hyderabad. This is a picture full swing doing what the head, dropping May Pyaar watched as the producer of the images provided by the hobbyist K. Ravi K. Radha Mohan Sri Sathya Sai Arts banner career of the most prestigious building with a huge budget.      The producer said Radha Mohan K K .... full swing doing what the head, medium-budget films like Pyaar May fell Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja made me feel so lucky to have the opportunity. This is a picture of the huge expense of the prestige of the build. Sampath Nandi tircididdutunnaru this picture as a full mass entertainer. Bengal Tiger has been remarkable story of the title. Taggattugane to have been the hero of the title character design. Tamanna Beauty Craze in Ireland, Raviteja rasikhanna the pair is being built. After Attarintiki Daredi very selective vinnakuda actor Boman Irani as many of the stories that he is our picture. Currently ramoji our Bengal Tiger in the regular shooting of the film began in the city. Boman Irani, rasikhanna, Sayaji Shinde, along with some of the scenes depicted on mukhyataraganam. This is scheduled for the 14th of this month. Is going to be.  Sampatnandi ... Mass Maharaj said the director of the film with Raviteja tirutunnanduku this film was very happy with my desire to do. Radha Mohan K K is the passion of film producer nirmistunnanduku this picture is very happy. He venakadakunda beyond producing the film. Best of Bollywood, starring in the blockbuster film The Artist Attarintiki Daredi Boman Irani as the second film is currently playing in our image. Citrikaristunnamu some important scenes on the City boyan ramojiphilm Irani. .. This schedule is going to be held until March 14.   This masmaharaj Chitra Ravi, Tamanna, rasikhanna, Boman Irani, Rao Ramesh, Sayaji Shinde, Nasser, Posani Krishna among others ..  Sathya Sai Arts kemora byanarsri .. Sundar Rajan, editor .. gautamraju, Art .. De, vaisatyanarayana, fights .. Ram-Lakshman, nirmatakekerathamehan, Story screenplay direction Sampath Nandi

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