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Nani Ugadi Gift-Jandapai Kapiraju

Jandapai Kapiraju Ugadi gift from NANI 

  The Jandapai Kapiraju fantastic Ugadhi gift Nani, Amala Paul, Ragini Dwivedi Shambo as the hero and heroine sivasambo samudrakhani as directed by the super hit film, Ram Mohan Rao presentation Pvt Ltd Multi Dimension. Banner Rajat Parthasarathy, S. Srinivasan, jointly produced the film Jandapai Kapiraju The imovie  sensor is ready for release soon after completing the activities. The producers stated during the Chitra details ... sanskaricukunte each person to put himself into the country, to the point of being reformed, which made the film. The film has completed all of the programs. Prarambincamu as existing promotion. We are planning a grand release on March 21, Nani and a film career that stands in the same vavidyamainavaividhyamaina. Soak the film was very hard work. In particular, Nani dvipatrabinayam doing this movie for the first film. The film was made in the direction of the mine close to the reality show will be a hit for sure is good. The film ever, but some technical issues modalavvalsindi their delayed. Sadistundanna is believed that the success of this film is going to be a good tappakuda.  Nani, Amala Paul, Ragini Dwivedi, Sarath Kumar, Shiva Balaji, Vennela Kishore, burned Prasad, Tanikella Bharani and others in the cast Dialogues: Shashank vennelakanti, Music - GV Prakash Kumar, Editing - phajil, Producers - Rajat saradi Parthasarathy, S. Srinivasan K. Story, Screenplay, Direction - samudrakani

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