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Malli Malli Rani Roju Completed 50 Days

 Successful completion of 50 days 'day to do it over and over again' Agranirmana Film production company Creative Commercials banner placed by one of the film 'do it again' day. Direction, Nithya hook Creative Producer keyasramaravu presentation keevallabha sisimidiya and Entertainment Ltd. The film is directed by Madhav banner of light. The film was released on February 6 suparhittayindi grandlevallo. Successful completion of 50 days of receiving the good Collections preksakadarana and it will run successfully. On this occasion .. Chitra said keyasramaravu presenters 'for good movies, good movies to watch with the family members of the audience was waiting for the hobbyist built for the' day to do it again and again, "the children, neither difference was a big hit with the family to see together . Phalistundanna ever made love to a positive aspect of the holy 'day to do it again and again, "the Youth, Family Audiences watching over and over again, which is why it was such a big hit. From a company with a good storyline for our creative film as a hit again with our friends wanted to come, well subhasissulato 'day to do it over and over again, "avadame sensational hit in the 50 days will be full and successful run. Our company is a good win for us on this occasion is very affectionate to those who wanted to say thanks on this occasion. If the superhit film, the audience would be good for my confidence, "do it again and again, day 'has proved again and again. More good pictures of this success, has inspired a lot of great films. "It's not the day over and over again 'victory is ours, not yours. Preksakulandaridi uttamabhirucigala. Quote of the day 'do it again' day to achieve many of the people behind the sensational success is hard work. Mind hattukunela krantimadhav by virtue of the love of our director, best performance by a fantastic reputation for their roles in the story of the pair Direction, Nithya, we loaded up the most beautiful movie again and again to see the beauty of Visakhapatnam've jnanasekhar photography, melodious music again after a long time, the music director of sensation caused vinnamanna gopisundar, dvandarthalaku much dialogue-free sayimadhav Burra written, superbly edited this lavstorini Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao, a senior editor of the most beautiful love shown to be more appealing, creative director Suresh Shahi and bounds around the world today is the result of CAP strives work again 'do it again' day to achieve the great success of the film. Thank you so much for the audience to win, '' he said.

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