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Keechaka Movie Photo Gallery

 Yamini Bhaskar, flame million, the main character Gautami Talkies banner envibicaudari kisorkumar parvatareddi produced and directed the crime thriller 'kicaka'. This is the trailer of the film was launched on Saturday, Prasad Labs, Hyderabad. Mukhyaatithiga leading filmmakers, who arrived at the event was the launch trailer Thammareddy Bharadwaja. The event, a senior journalist Prabhu, director N. Shankar, director Anil ravipudi patas, Yamini Bhaskar, flame million, envibicaudari director, producer kisorkumar parvatareddi, music director josya Bhatla, attended kodairektar Ramaswamy. On this occasion, ...  Thammareddy Bharadwaja: Chitra director of the kotesvararavugari nagabhairava Chowdhury said that the boy was in shock at first. The glow of his screenplay for the film. His screenplay for a film that otherwise would not have such a name. He is very happy with this movie is going to be introduced by the director.  Shankar: Chaudhary has introduced me seven to eight years. He and I have been directed by Jai Bolo Telangana 'screenplay for the film also had some help. This trailer is very ekstrardinariga. Chowdhary and director of this film is certainly a very good reputation.  Prabhu: I know all the things related to the film. The story is very good. Be sure to connect with the audience in the movie. Chowdhary has a good grip on the screenplay. Therefore, treatment has been a lot of stories. He is a director of the film very well pull vuntadanukuntunnanu.  Anil ravipudi: I also had my patas film caudarigarito treatment. Caudarigaru made the first movie trailer looks great. The film is also my belief that good.  The film will be released in April Yamini Bhaskar, flame million, Raghu Babu, GiriBabu, bold, Appa, question, Vinod Kumar music plays an important role: Dr. Josyabhatla, camera: KAMALAKAR, kodairektar: Ramaswamy, the words: ramprasad Yadav, editing unleashed medikonda, Producer: kisorkumar parvatareddi, directed by: envibicaudari.

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