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K Suresh babu New Movie Details

 Srisivaparvati combines production as the No. 3 kesuresbabu new image Lord Krishna as the No. 1 movie srisivaparvati combines production under the banner of 'me a Loverundi' good taste citrantone the first producer to build a picture of the audience, making a name for Chitra industry kesuresbabu producer. The second attempt to take a burning problem 'in south-central India capitulated to the name of the movie is being directed by a message-oriented. Now that the structure of the film will not be a different film debut as the No. 3 cudutunnaru kesuresbabu production. Speaking on the occasion, kesuresbabu 'combines the company started srisivaparvati intended to provide the audience with good movies. The first built a complete family entertainer. The second film terakekkistunnamu a message-oriented movie. Srisivaparvati short films distributed by distributors to encourage small producers. Companies that do not fall short films as well as audio to audio media hemas time, starting with the short films, audio're entitled to the audio company. The third picture is now launching our Banner. Ekta Kapoor Bollywood prasantsarmanu made at the workshop for many years as a director with this film are introduced. Prasantsarma conduct workshops in London, got a good name. Concept am very impressed with this film, he says. In launching the film. Work is currently underway in the script. This is a picture of the famous hero and heroine are planning. Technicians are the top choice for the film, as well as Tollywood. Full details of the film, will let you know as soon as possible, '' he said.

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