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Cricketer Venkatesh Prasad interview

 Cricket, the movie, but there are areas like two brothers  Take Re lundavu, here are the most popular cricketer Venkatesh Prasad ---  Question. Hai sir, as a cricketer who you grew up as a fan heartburn star in the first film, he is now released. How are you feeling?  Janaku vundihaidarabad been a lot of Hyderabad Biryani, Irani chai liked it a lot. I can not speak Telugu Telugu realize. I co-starred with his father in the movie suhasini released in Kannada. Very good success. I brought a very good reputation. He is now screening at the International Film Festival. Now will be released on March 13 in. With this happy in a row Offers bumper.  Question. Philayyara the trouble of having to acting as a cricketer in the film?  B. Also because I do not have as cricket coach. Some of the children, as well as a child he worked as a cricket coach to teach. Still did not suffer much cricket, cinema, sectors like two brothers are here, but there's a difference .. Re-Take lundavu. (Laughs)  Question. This proposal is brought to you .. what you liked this story appeared in.?  B. This is the story told by the director. But listen to this story suhasini the law says. We assume the role baguntudani we start to listen to this story. Tell going to be heard. Moin This is the story of humanity. Last incorrect mental condition of a boy biting cricket. However, to meet the boy biting everyone for the help on how to humanely been the focus of Chitra kathalo. This caused me to act in the film. The director says the storyline impresses me.  Question. Senior actress suhasini acting, how are you feeling with confidence.? B. Natincantam there's a new, suhasini up with the glove combinations mahanati think there are more to my situation. Total body seking. Suhasini law, but to me, however, to stand, to say the dialogue, well how to act as a teacher was saying. However, I can not natincevadni someone other than himself. I like the movie character's mother Anandibai suhasini. Mr. thyanks to suhasini ..  Question. The film played before?  B. That is a good story when it comes to the subject of the social evernes will be. Kathalato talking like he's all come.  Question. Our team did a side-dusukelutunnaru India. Cup fans celebrate manadenantu Howdoyoudo?  B. All India Youth Team are well. As we are playing better than expected. Fight the cup comfortably.Sitthikom be missing ..  Question. Our team in India to offer you have any monitor.? Will jatappakunda. Should be taken to monitor young players from the senior players. Todavvutundi malanti their experience to the talent of the guys.  Question. You will be asked to put in the title of his film philavvaleda problem.?  B. Why trouble makers. India cricket, Sachin Tendulkar, however, the name of the drug gurtoccedi. End up being proud of the role that his name ..

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