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costumes worth 2 crores for Rey

  In the range of Hollywood 'Rey' film 2 billion more expensive Costumes  Bommarillu their banner Sai Dharam Tej's why we in the self-directed S. Chowdhury as the hero of the film 'Rey' was released worldwide on March 27. Chitra in the history of Indian film 'Dhoom' series of paintings in the Western style, how papularati in designing costumes for everyone who came. So now, in the history of the Telugu film 'Rey' in designing costumes for the film's papularati affords. 'Rey' film director, producer's why we made the research for designing costumes S. Chaudhary, who are in labor, effort, his words .....  "In the history of Telugu cinema, having come so far in the back drop of the best in the United States for the title of the world's top pop stars in the world of the story of the competition between the exchange took place. The back drop against West Indies in the first half, the second half of the story in the backdrop of the United States of America runs. " Rey 'the human aharyanni, film, bringing to the screen, requiring a large budget.' Rey 'Feel the first half are likely to be watching the Caribbean movie. The' Rey 'movie must feel that you are in a Hollywood movie. We have to look up Selections Costumes been back in many countries. And then designing the costumes for the Sai from Chennai, Hyderabad, Shiva Ram Janki browned from the king, Ashok solapuri the consultation, I have made along the Collections of the final designs. Moreover, Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, Shawn Francisco, West Indies in Port of Spain, Thailand, Malaysia and abroad, such as from the Tirupur in Tamil Nadu, where also our costumes to buy the team and was selected as the sending special. It was part of the cost of Rs 2 crore. Tomorrow we bought the costumes in the film after watching the film, we anukunnaluk fell to you to know how much to contribute. Rey saw the movie close to my eternal companion, "a Hollywood movie, 'Look, that he thinks that the proposal meets our demands dakkindanna was having fun." He said.

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