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Calling Bell Success Meet

Calling Bell Success Meet 
 Ravi Varma, Kishore, sankirt, vriti Khanna, Banerjee rahut starring Golden Time Pictures banner, directed by Panna Royal anud produced horror thriller 'kalingbel'. Saturday was fantastic New Year gift from the film, the film looks good openingstopatu everyone appreciated the film's success meet this Sunday has been set up in the wake of rsquo Chitra unit. This saksesmitlo Ravi Varma, sankirt, vriti Khanna, Banerjee rahut, Naresh KAVETI, Chitra director Panna Royal, producer anud, hemas media attended kesuresbabu head. On this occasion ..  Panna Royal: Yesterday RTC fantastic New Year's Eve. Crossroads of twilight theater audiences have seen the film. Response has been very exciting. Not here in the states of the two openings in the area have been extraordinary. Today the house is being run full collection. Families are going to see the movie again vellinavallu single. This pandagaki visit with the family all say that it is a good film. Thank you represent such a large crowd for the success of our film.  Ravi Varma: I have seen the film some scenes for the third time nakkuda seemed to fear. Also take a look at the film does a great thrill audiences. Any watch this movie again and again, believe me. Audience entartainmenttopatu the thrill of a good many of the elements of this film since it went public appearance in the film.  Mamata rahut: visali character in this film made. My character is different in two shades. Among the audience to the theater to see a movie of their super-response seemed to be a very thrilling. Everything in this movie so much success in the achievement of our team are very happy. All are calling asking when the bell 2. Part 2 enkarejment makento that you used to.  Vriti Khanna: everyone who went to the movies is much to enjoy. The film is a series of after-tax rayalgaru kalingbel want to do.  Anud: first, since most of us believe that the movie is over. Q: The film was well again pruv Entertainers horror audiences. Tisamanna a good movie for all of us is satisfied. Response from tomorrow with a view to coming to theaters pencutunnam. Calling this enkarejmentto bel2 got more excitement to our unit.  Sankirt: Thank you for such a good movie, the filmmakers have given me the opportunity. Special thanks to the film is the audience.  Naresh: What was a guest at the Royal Panna, whether the subject is too great shot. What is the Importance of Music along with your well-known horror movie. Sukumargaru this film was the most wonderful music. The music was a plus.  Kesuresbabu: This film is sure to be a big success to say the audio function. I have already seen the trailers. I wanted the day to be a film that will reach definite adiyanski. This is a good film, the audience came forward hit ugadiki represent the wishes of the team. Work as a team so that the film was a big success. Range and increase the success you desire.

Ravi Varma,Kishore,Samkeerthi,Vrithi Khanna ,Mamatha Rahuth starrer Calling Bell movie released recently and Running successfully . Panna Royal (Pavan) directed this film. Shaik Anwar Basha (Anood) produced this movie under Golden Time Pictures banner .Calling bell music was composed by Sukumar P .

on the occasion of movie success calling bell team shared their happiness with media 

Director Panna Royal :    we are very happy with movie success .we watched this film on Ugadi at RTC X Roads  sandhya theater  .our team was overwhelmed with audience response .they are enjoying this film and i am happy to announce our film was running successfully with houseful collections .i thank each and every one for their support 

 Ravi Varma : I got scared after watching this film .audience are enjoying the thrilling elements. Calling bell has good entertainment and thrilling elements every one will like the film. 

Mamatha Rahuth : i played vishali role in this film it has two different shades .i am thrilled after watching this film along with audience .our team was very happy with success every one is asking about Calling bell - 2 .with this encouragement we are getting  ready for part -2 

Anood : we are very confident about this film right from the day one .audience are enjoying horror films in recent days .it was proved again with this film. we are very happy and satisfied with movie result  and planning to increase theaters from tomorrow .

Hemas media K suresh babu and Total team of calling bell team graced this success meet . 

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