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Calling Bell Censor Completed

 Calling bell censor completed  Ravi Varma, Kishore, sankirt, vriti Khanna in the lead roles in the Royal Golden Time Pictures banner, directed by Panna anud horror thriller movie 'kalingbel'. The film has recently completed censor programs. Speaking on the occasion, Chitra director Panna `Royal '' was made with a different storyline horror thriller our 'kalingbel' image sensor has completed. This picture has been hailed by the members of the sensor. Confidence tisamanna got us a good picture. Horror films, the thriller that is currently known to the reception. This is completely different from the kind of films that have come so far, "kalingbel 'framed picture. Tijarki the most amazing response to the recently released srikantgaru hero. This movie is going to release the audio on September 13. The songs were all impressive. Audience throughout the thrill of winning a big win to be sure that this film is for me to believe, "he said. The producer said, `anud 'horror film meppincalante to pull the audience that the film should have Technical High Standards. Hundred percent of those standards, the cost meyinteyin venakadakunda excellent quality of the image was created. The sensor also received praise for members of the audience to be sure that our film is also naccutundanna us believe. Music of the film is a horror of great significance. Keeping it in the songs, in the case of ririkarding taken care of. Singers: Karthik, who was the top songs in the film, Baba Sehgal, Geetha Madhuri, romance, Shravan was padiracadam bhargavilato. Sukumargaru ririkarding was very excellent. On March 13 ceyyabotunnam a grand audio release of the film. Also, the film is slated for release soon, '' he said. Jeeva, Gandhi, Baby, Shankar, Bob, Mamata Rahul other roles in the film and music: P Sukumar., Cinematography: Vivek yaskumar, executive producer: Shani Solomon, producer: anud, kathaskrinpledarsakatvam: Panna Royal.

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