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'Bonala Pothuraju' Press Meet Photos Details

 Bonala potaraju                                                                                     Meet the Press Star arnarayanamurti's thesis under the direction opposite sanayadireddi presentation philmidiya Productions banner fluttered Bonala rupondanundii potaraju film in the theater during the recording of the press conference sanayadi Comments fluttered the current program director, arnarayanamurti. Sanayadireddi involved. Tips Sridhar He is an important means potaraju God, who is the younger brother of seven-Thurs ammavarlaku untadupotaraju Kos is the culture of the Chechen state. In the film, folklore, film making public diddanunnamu ceputune .. In the film, especially among younger Oongratulations premabhimanalanu cupedutunnamuprajala milking the public for the star of the film is the story of the film in addition to providing in-law kirtimpabadutunna arnarayanamurti potaraju our good fortune to play the role. As well as a leading producer, director Sanaa yadireddi-in-law to thank those who came forward to act as sponsor for the film, from the 15th of telupukuntunnamuepril will begin shooting in the month of July is going to be making efforts to release the film on the occasion of the Goddess. SANA said yadireddi Yugadi a good film on the movement in the wake of disclosures anukunnamutelangana arnarayanamurti taken many movies as an actor is to be happy for us to make this film, but the film as a man, even when it comes to higher sales vyaktii do you say that in addition to providing us with the story of protsahincarumemu The production values ​​of the film, the film is going to try to groom. Tips and giving me this opportunity to arnarayanamurti Sridhar sanayadireddilu idi my luck is not the role of the usual songs, Ganesh s ceyatagga the role of Shivaji's such a great character, whom I thank telupukuntunnanunadi Travel Tips garidi years .. He is muppayi Mr. Rao, Rao's, when our teacher had introduced me to Mrs. .. Ever since our padmamma is to continue our journey to adulthood komarambhim, raging like India is going to become a film director's darsakuduappatlo he tikrsna style. Sanayadi Reddy, as well as the most successful films. He acted in the film samarpakudiga's annandanni us. Following the release of the film around the world in the Chechen War talucukuntarusridhar they worship the mother-in-law ask me to do the film as Bonala potaraju silver mandiidi sure my body is going to be a good movie.

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