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Best Friend Forever Movie Trailer Launch

 After different films like Chandra has,Hope,Chapter 6 films now Haranadh policharla is back with Bff ('Best Friends Forever' ) film. he directed and Produced BFF under Ph productions banner .Movie makers launched the logo and trailer of this film in Hyderabad today. 

BFF is a Youthful and message-oriented movie.Writer and Director Siva shankar datta,director Surya kiran,Actress surabhi ,Angelina,Vishwa raj,Rehan ,C.H.Gopinath,Music director Royal Raj attended this Trailer launch event 

Harinadh Policharla: I never had any function with out Rama naidu garu he encouraged me a lot .its so sad we lost him.he is the correct definition for Producer.coming to Best friend forever movie its a different movie based on present friend ship .this film was came out very well .first copy is almost ready .thanks to my cast and crew we are planning to release this film very shortly .

Harinadh Policharla, vishwa raj, Rehan, Angelina, Suryakumar Surabhi, Gemini Suresh, Uma, sruthi Deep, Prasanna, kirtika, shanti, Archana, moulika, veena playing key roles among others 

Art :D.Y.Satya Narayana ,Editor : Madhu Dop: C.H.Gopinath Music :Royal Raj ,Story -screenplay-direction-producer-Haranath Policharla 

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