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American Telugu TV Logo Launched

   Madhusudan was born and grew up in Hyderabad in 2007, the American entrepreneur 'American Telugu TV' started. Telugu people living in the United States since the time of the different programs available to them, Madhusudan kastamavutondani thinks. He started the American Telugu television on demand. It is driven by paid subscription TV This TV Food by programs, contests, short films, serials, entertainment programs like .. are about to be telecast. By the time of their choice paid subscription, programs that are allowed to see. The TV India, yuese., Starting in Australia. The offices in Hyderabad, Chennai is. Novotel Hotel in Hyderabad on Monday to launch the logo of the American Telugu tiviki happened. This program bhagiratha senior journalist, American Telugu TV Madhusudan head, publicity designer dhani ele involved. Madhusudan 'American Telugu TV The logo was launched. On this occasion, ...  Bhagiratha: madhugariki very clear ideas are born and raised in Hyderabad. That is a system of more than one person, the American Telugu TV He's what, what ceyyalanna been strong for the purpose he had in mind, there are a lot of programs. Today, the American Telugu TV Only launch. Programs are after. Alocimpajese entartainmenttopatu the way people thought madhugari rupondincalannade programs. I also agreed with his ideas, so on your behalf I will not even good programs, those programs that educate told to take. He also admitted. In 2007, the American Telugu TV Have been registered in the name of the same name, so that's going to continue. It kosamo name, business kosamo TV is launching in India Not. The losses to the TV with a Purpose Ceppalanna by sharp thinking.  Madhusudan: We have to start in 2007, the American Telugu TV. There cesevallam local programs. Then there Telugu tivilugani, but no live telikastlu. There will not be able to continue ikkadila programs. Is very expensive. 2007, there were still a lot of changes. Mobaillogani favorite program now, I pyadlogani, lyaplogani can be found anywhere. So we ceyyalanukuntunnam Value Based Provisioning content. Due to its people, allowing them the time, will be able to watch their favorite programs in time. TV ran a program telecast. Where are you do not need to worry that view again. All of the programs are on our server. Can be found by paid subscription. I did not think now is the actual launch. Bhagirathagaru so I came to India, to launch the program, so this will be the designer dhani are elegaru. Dhanigaru is a very talented designer. The idea for us to say anything to him, it is the capacity to design, develop and better. The TV programs ceyyabotunnamanedi alert will let you know as soon as possible. First, there is the idea of a singing competition pettalanna. So you can see the many programs Singing Competition. Something New is like to be different, we ceyyabotunnam program. Previously, most of the programs in relation to the plan and also did some work. What we are doing now trendki programs seemed to be enough. Learning to learn to get a perfect idea. He did get the idea ceyyalanna on-demand programs. Rupondistam our own content to the new-style programs. Brief ceppadalucukunnadi it is in relation to the American Telugu tiviki. The same should show what channels are in the United States. We will not be able to kritisaij. But, we badhapadatam. One, they say, would be the fact. Why would anyone bring in as much as the United States kurcobetti now ask you straight. Naluguraiduguru sit discussions. The criticism did not do anything except enjoy each other. What we ceyyadalucukunnam, our view of the future generation to decide what they have not so far none of the programs. The state was divided into two states. Prior to 1960, anyone who does not know what happened. Were born in the 1960s is still an adult. The joint was born in the state. Are together. What we do not know who said branch, called us know. Who does not know us is that it's all done. So I thought to such a program. In 2008, for the ATA World kharcupettam a lot of money. Later we learned that to do so would be a waste. If it needs to do to be ready for each program. We know your reaction after seeing the programs made.  Dhani ele: madhugaru contact me in ten years. Madhugaru me first 'Telugu Movie People's Choice Hours' was the logo. Madhugaru must be made very clear how to explain it. All klaritito say so. Should be able to explain how he got the better output. Now the American Telugu TV I've also designed the logo. Madhugariki saying that on this occasion all the best.

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