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Tungabhadra Release on March 6

 Tungabhadra gorgeous released worldwide on March 6 'Fly' full producer credit for the film's success, earning a 'beauty monster' ve got a good reputation as a producer of the film uttamabhirucigala varahi sayikorrapati the head of the film production company. Last natasinha Balakrishna's 'Legend' blockbuster hit film after the most successful producer of Ace 'uhalu gusagasalade', 'viewing directions cry' pictures of the star producer hyatrik became a success. Apart from the huge pictures on the one hand, the minimum budget Taste of producing images were full producer. Sai Shivani date of submission sayikorrapati varahi film production Korrapati Rajni film 'Tungabhadra'. Srinivasakrsna gogineni is being introduced as a director. Adit, starring Dimple hero and the heroine. This picture shows all over the world, including the completion of the sensor tremendous being released on March 6. On this occasion, ... Sayikorrapati varahi said the head of the film '' Last year, balakrsnagarito 'Legend' was a blockbuster hit movie I've done it. After arriving in our banner 'uhalu whispered,' without directions cry 'images have become a super hit films. In the film, the film banner this year, as well as our varahi 'Tungabhadra'. Back to the Village was made to drop the love story, the film audio was released recently achieved good success. Applause Gaura Hari had good music. Theatrical trailers, as well as a good response. Krsnagogineni director Srinivasa being introduced. Beautiful shot of the film Love Story. To get a feel for each scene can be harmful. Adit, Dimple, Sathyaraj, kotasrinivasa Rao, Chalapathi Rao greatly have done justice to their roles. Harigaura music, cinematography, Rahul Srivastava will be a plus. All sections of the film, entertaining the audience. All programs, including the sensor film was completed. The film will be released worldwide on March 6 Grand flunked '' he said. Adit, Dimple copade pair starred kotasrinivasaravu, Sathyaraj, calapatiravu, Saptagiri, kotasankararavu, purifies Lokesh, Rajeshwari Nair, Dhanraj, I will give Naveen, Ravi Varma, portfolios, he Jabr, Charan, Shashank, kalpalata, Srinivas other cast. The film lyrics: Sahithi, Ramajogayya Sastry, Chaitanya Prasad, Radha Subramanyam, Ganesh saladi, paits: In Dragon Prakash Raj salmon, piaro: Vamsi-Shekhar and Publicity Designer: dhani ele, Art: harivarma, choreography: Shankar, editing tammiraju, music Gaura Hari, Cinematography: Rahul Srivastava, Co-production: silly Monks, Producer: Rajni Korrapati, the writing-directing: srinivasakrsna gogineni.

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