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Sree Vishnu, Teja Marni, Matinee Entertainment’s Arjuna Phalguna Teaser Out

 Sree Vishnu, Teja Marni, Matinee Entertainment’s Arjuna Phalguna Teaser Out

Matinee Entertainment is following a perfect strategy to offer pucca commercial entertainments and at the same time the popular production house is making rich content entertainers with young talent.

Production No 9 of the popular production house is with hero Sree Vishnu and director Teja Marni of Johaar Fame. Titled Arjuna Phalguna, the film’s teaser is out now.

Every journey in our life makes us move forward but some journeys make our lives upside down and the same is portrayed through the teaser. Abhimanyudu who enters Padmavyuham couldn’t escape, as he didn’t know how to come out of it. However, Arjuna is the only person who knows everything about Padmavyuham. Sree Vishnu in Arjuna Phalguna is Arjuna in Kurukshetram who knows how to deal with tough situations.

Dialogues and visuals of Arjuna Phalguna are highly intriguing. In fact, Sree Vishnu introduces himself as Arjuna who’s stuck in a big problem. But he knows all his strengths like Arjuna who can deal any situation.

Sree Vishnu’s close bonding with his friends, his romantic track with Amritha Aiyer and action side of the movie are shown in the teaser. However, it doesn’t disclose the storyline.

As the teaser suggests, Arjuna Phalguna is going to be another intriguing film from Matinee Entertainment. Sree Vishnu impresses in an intense role, while technically the teaser looks brilliant. Jagadeesh Cheekati’s cinematography is top-notch, while Priyadarshan Balasubramanian’s background score is exhilarating.

Niranjan Reddy and Anvesh Reddy are bankrolling the project, while N M Pasha is the co-producer. Story & screenplay for the film is by director Teja Marni himself, dialogues are provided by Sudheer Varma P.

Arjuna Phalguna will arrive in theatres soon.

Cast: Sree Vishnu, Amritha Aiyer, Senior Naresh, Sivaji Raja, Subba Raju, Devi Prasad, Rangasthalam Mahesh, Raj Kumar Chowdary (Raja Vaaru Rani Gaaru fame), Chaitanya (Middle class Melodies fame) and others.

Technical Crew:

Producers: Niranjan Reddy, Anvesh Reddy

Co-Producer: N M Pasha

Story, Screenplay, Direction: Teja Marni

Dialogue Writer: Sudheer Varma .P

Cinematography: Jagadeesh Cheekati

Art Director: Gandhi Nadikudikar

Action: Ram Sunkara

Music Director: Priyadarshan Balasubramanian

Lyrics: Chaitanya Prasad

Publicity Design: Anil & Bhanu

PRO: Vamsi-Sekhar

Costume Designer: Prasanna Varma Danthuluri

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