4 Letters directed by R. RaghuRaj is an utter youth entertainment movie. " In this movie, the Hero's father doesn't like the four letter word POOR. On the other hand the Heroine's mother doesn't like the four letter word RICH. The heroine faces an issue with the four letter word love and her father has experienced nothing besides the four letter word FAIL, his entire life. The comedians in our movie only care about the four letter word PASS. Besides this there is another four letter word in the movie that the youth will appreciate. And I would like to dedicate this movie to all the engineering students. " - says director and editor, R. RaghuRaj.

        The movie was well planned and was shot at Porsche locations including the unique locations at Thailand to add richness to the picture. The pre-production, shooting and post-production of the movie took only 75 days combined. This was a possible feat due to the well planning of the director and his team and the uninterruptible support and financing of the producer, Udaya Kumar Dommaraju. The first pillar of the movie is the music director, Bheems Ceciroleo. Bheems has out done himself yet again. He has provided a total of four songs and two DJ tracks for the movie. All of them ready to put him yet again on a path to fame and greatness. Each and every song is different from one another and was well composed to keep the audience grooving and will surely keep on the youth on their feet with the dance moves flowing. The second pillar of the movie is the director of photography, K. Chittibabu. He was given the challenge of working with new artistes and he was able to produce stunning, lustful and breathtaking visuals to capture the audience with this romantic entertainer. The director added that all this would not have been possible if it wasn't for Bhaskar Raju Dommaraju who was another pillar for this production. He was a stronghold in this company and made sure the productions went on smoothly and helped ensure that the entire shooting was done in a matter of just 33 days without compromising the richness of this picture.

          The debutante hero, Eswar, was given 2 months of intense personal acting lessons by the director to play this role. Eswar also turned out to be an amazing dancer was able to be in par with the experienced casts in the movie. He is very quick at grasping roles and to get into character. Amongst the heroines First up is Tuya Chakraborty from Kolkata. Tuya was a stage performer and has played various roles on multiple stages all over the city. Playing her reverse is Anketa Maharana. Anketa was awarded Miss Bangalore 2016 and Miss University. She then pursued her career in modelling until she was given an opportunity to play a lead in 4 Letters.

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