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Sampoornesh babu Hrudayakaleyam Review Ratings

Sampoornesh Babu Its not a Name its Social Sensation His  Movie Hrudayakaleyam Released today Ishikasingh  Kavya Rao Paired up With Babu Sampoornesh Babu This Movie is Directed by Steven sankar Produced by Neelam Sai Rajesh   Music By Rk Now Lets see How Burning star Sampoornesh babu Entertained Audience 

Story: Sampoornesh babu is Very Brilliant Theif  And Most wanted Criminal Police Department Faces Many problem because of Sampoorneshbabu . So Department appoints Bhairav Rathod (Mahesh Kathi) as Special Officer To catch Sampoorneshbabu How Bhairav Rathod find Sampoorneshbabu ?  Is sampoornesh babu Really a Theif ? what is The past of Sampoornesh babu ? who is Neelu ? what is Hidden mission of Sampoorneshbabu ?For all these Questions You should watch Hrudayakaleyam 

Sampoorneshbabu Performance 
Few Dance steps
Police Officer Bhairav Rathod Peformance  Mahesh kathi Did Performed this role 
Kavya and Ishika singh Performances 
First Half is Plus

Last 20 Mins is very slow And Looks Boring 
No Logics in Few scens
Looks like small size Spoof in Few scens For Example Bhairav Rathod Role Dialogues Remembers Vikramarkudu police charater Dialogues 

Technical Aspects:
Director sai rajesh Alias Steven sankar Work is Good He has Given his best To Entertain Audience His attempt is very good His Marketing statagies(As producer) are very good Screenplay and Dialogues are Good But He Disappointed in Few Scens  Particularly last 20 Mins Mainly Burial Ground Scen was very bad  Second half can be Better  
Rk Music is Good  
Cinematography Is Decent 
Editing is Ok

Verdict: : Hrudayakaleyam is Good Attempt With Few Minus Points . This movie will work in A centers  If you dont Find Logics  About Sampoo Sampoornesh babu You Will Enjoy if you are Not aware of him You May not Enjoy  one Time Watch Movie Watch it if you are Absolutely Free 

Telugucinemas.in Rating 3/5 -For Sampoornesh Acting And Steven Sankar Direction 

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