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Suspense thriller 'Chakravyuham' streaming on popular OTT Amazon Prime

 Captivating Thriller 'Chakravyuham' Takes the Suspense to OTT Platform Amazon Prime

Suspense thriller 'Chakravyuham' streaming on popular OTT Amazon Prime

The highly anticipated and critically acclaimed suspense thriller 'Chakravyuham' has taken the streaming world by storm. Following its tremendous success in theatres, where it garnered an impressive 9.4 IMDB rating and 9.1 Book My Show rating, this Indian masterpiece is now captivating audiences on the popular OTT platform, Amazon Prime.

Featuring the versatile actor Ajay in an outstanding portrayal of a police officer, 'Chakravyuham' is a must-watch film for the entire family this weekend. Released by Mythri Movie Distributors, this gripping suspense thriller written and directed by Chetkuri Madhusudan will keep you on the edge of your seat with its amazing storytelling and exciting narrative, spanning a runtime of 1 hour and 47 minutes.

Starring Vivek Trivedi and Urvashi Pardesi in the lead roles, 'Chakravyuham: The Trap' introduces audiences to a world of intrigue and danger. The film also features the talented actress Gnaneshwari Kandregula in a pivotal role, adding depth and intensity to the storyline. With exceptional production values helmed by producer Mrs. Chetkuri Savitri, 'Chakravyuham' offers a thrilling cinematic experience like no other.

The gripping plot follows the lives of Sanjay (Vivek Trivedi), who is an orphan and Sharath (Sudesh), two close friends who venture into the construction business. Their lives take a dark turn when Sanjay's wife, Siri (Urvashi Pardesi), is brutally murdered, sending shockwaves through their world. As the suspense unfolds, Sharath also becomes a target for murder, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats, desperate to uncover the truth. Ajay, the determined police officer, who embarks on a relentless pursuit to solve the mystery behind these heinous crimes.

Since its theatrical release on June 2, 'Chakravyuham' has grabbed audience’s attention with its gripping storyline, tear-jerking suspense scenes, and stellar performances. Now, the film continues to enthral viewers on India's leading OTT platform, Amazon Prime, starting from July 5. With its seamless transition from the silver screen to streaming, 'Chakravyuham' promises to deliver an unforgettable and immersive experience to a wider audience.

Starring: Ajay, Gnaneshwari Kandregula, Vivek Trivedi, Urvashi Pardesi, Pragya Nayan, Subhalekha Sudhakar, Rajeev Kanakala, Priya, Srikanth Iyyengar, Kiriti, Raj Thirandasu and others.

Written and Directed by: Chetkuri Madhusudhan

Producer : Smt. Savitri

Co-producers: Venkatesh, Anusha

Cinematography : G V Ajay

Music : Bharath Manchiraju

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