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Chitam X Movie Review

Due to the Pandemic Situation in 2020 Movie Theaters were closed due to a lockdown caused by the corona in the ending of 2020 Government allowed to open Theaters with 50 per cent occupancy now the people are slowing coming to the theaters at this moment makers of Chitram X Released movie in theaters 

 Raj Bala Manasa Starrer Chitram X is directed by  director Ramesh Vibhuthi Produced by Polem Govindayya under Sri Sri Chowdeshwari Devi Movie Creations  Banner Shiva Composed music for this flick 


This film is based on the ancient building which is located in the deep Forest one day  ( Hero and Heroine ) visits this place then the story will take an another turn .. a wild maiden who died 100 years ago  comes in to the picture and starts killing the people except hero and heroine what is the reason for not killing them ? who is the Wild Maiden ?how she is related to the story? to know answers for all these question you have to watch this film.


Hero Raj Bala and Manasa Performances are good  .Raja Bala tried his best he has to develop his dialogue delivery .on whole his performance is good .Manasa also given her best she has done proper justification .the person who has done the role of  a wild maiden has given good facial expressions .and the supporting team has given their best 

  Technical Aspects 

Coming to the Technical Aspects Makers of Chitram X has maintained decent Production Values for this we must Appreciate Producer Polam Govindayya .and the Next best work goes to Camera department Praveen has given excellent Cinematography .he has captured the beauty of the wild forest  .Music director has given decent background score his songs are good  .Director Ramesh Vibhuthi tried his best to Engage audience with his script work .and his narration is okay even though he has taken good story line some how he failed to give his best . despite the small flaws his work is okay.the rest of Technical team has done decent work 


On whole Chitram X is a passable film 

Telugucinemas.in Rating: 3/5 

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