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Akkineni Family Bonding with May 22nd

Our Akkineni Family Shares A Special Bond With May 22nd - King Nagarjuna

King Nagarjuna said that The Akkineni Family shares a special bond with May 22nd,

" During the preview of 'Manam' which was held at Prasad IMAX on May 22nd, A person who is very close to my father came to me and said that my father went to the office of Ghantasala Balaramayya garu to act in his first film 'Seetharama Jananam' on the same date, May 22nd. Then only I came to know the importance of that date. 'Manam' was released on the next day, May 23rd. On the day of its release, everyone called me to congratulate Manam's success and also for completing 28 years of career as my first film 'Vikram' was also released on the same date, May 23rd. It wasn't planned to release 'Manam' featuring my Father and us on the same date on which my first film got released. When my father went to Ghantasala Balaramayya gari office, popular actor Peketi Sivaram garu was there and he received my father warmly. Peketi garu accompanied my father on the first day of shoot of his first film and he is the one who walks my father from the make-up room to the shooting spot. During the launch of my first film 'Vikram', Peketi garu came and accompanied me from the make-up room to the shooting spot. You can find Peketi garu in the opening still of 'Vikram'. He stands between my father and Director Madhusudana Rao garu. Dasari garu and Raghavendra Rao garu attended the launch of my first film 'Vikram'. Later on, Dasari garu gave me a very good success with 'Majnu' and Raghavendra Rao garu gave me memorable classic 'Annamayya' which was released on May 22nd. Every year I start receiving phone calls from the morning of May 22nd about 'Manam', 'Annamayya', and 'Vikram'. That's why that date (May 22nd) has a lot of importance. It was the date my father came to Madras to enter into the film industry.  That's why I love that date. 'Vikram' was released on May 23rd, 'Manam' produced by us in Vikram's direction also released on May 23rd. None of these are planned but it all happened like a design. Every year on May 22nd, the date my father started his journey in films, I receive congratulatory calls and messages for the successes of my films released on May 22nd and May 23rd. Every year May 22nd brings me a lot of joy. I am very happy that my career began with 'Vikram' has successfully completed 34 years. I would like to thank the audience, our Akkineni fans, each and everyone who supported us in our successful journey.", said King Nagarjuna

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