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Anil Ravipudi About O Pittakatha

With Unexpected Twists & Thrills, ‘O Pitta Katha’ is excitingly Thrillingly, says Director Anil Ravipudi

With enough twists & thrills, O Pitta Katha gains celebrity acclaim and support before its release.

Directed by Chendu Muddhu, the movie has Viswant Duddumpudi, Actor Brahmaji’s Son Sanjay Rao & Nithya Shetty as the leads in Bhavya Creations Anand Prasad’s production.

While the makers are busy with the release, movie team gave a special screening of ‘O Pitta Katha’ to director Anil Ravipudi and he’s extremely excited with its screenplay. He gave all praises to director Chendu Muddhu for writing a thrilling screenplay and executing it brilliantly with enough Twists & Thrills. He congratulated Brahmaji’s son Sanjay for making a rocking debut, Viswant for playing an unexpected role commendably & Nitya for playing her role flawlessly impressive. Remembering his earlier days as a writer for Shouryam under Bhavya Creations, he wished Producer Anand Prasad & the whole team a grand success.

However, earlier released teasers, songs & sneak peak of the movie received immense positive responses from celebs and film makers of TFI. Between huge hype & expectations, ‘O Pitta Katha’ is all set to release tomorrow on March 6th.


Viswant Duddumpudi, Actor Brahmaji Son Sanjay Rao & Nithya Shetty while Brahmaji, Balaraju, Srinivas Bhogireddy, Bhadraji, Ramana Chalkapalli, Sirisri & Surya Akondi are seen in supporting roles.


Story-Screenplay-Dialogues-Direction: Chendu Muddu
Producer: V. Ananda Prasad
Banner: Bhavya Creations
Music:Praveen Lakkaraju
Lyrics: Sharrijo
Art Director: Vivek Annamalai
Editor: D. Venkata Prabhu
Camera: Sunil Kumar.N
Executive Producer: Anne Ravi

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