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Itlu Amma' Title Logo Launch

Umamaheshwara Rao Director of National Film Award for the Ankuram. Umamaheshwara Rao's latest film  'Itlu Amma'. Mothers of the World Unite is the title of the film. Itlu Amma is going to give a message that Itlu Amma should take the initiative to lead the society back on the path of evil. The film calls for all the world to come together to build a better society.  This movie  produced by Bommak Murali on the banner of Bommak Creations. Nagulapalli  Kanakadurga was executive producer. The logo launch press meet of the film was held at Prasad Labs, Hyderabad. The event was attended by a number of women activists such as Devi and Vimala along with prominent producer Allu Aravind.

Ace Producer  Allu Aravind said,  ' after Watching 'Ankuram'. I Would like to meet the director Umamaheshwara Rao. Only a few people write stories for the society and make films. The society needs to be good and the systems are struggling. They are of the same opinion that there is no definitive change The maker of the film, Bommak Murali seems to have made a dedication to it. Nagulapalli Kanakadurga, who was the executive producer of the film, is seeking to join our company. You hope to make your film your impact on society.

Director C. Umamaheshwara Rao said ... The violence and discrimination in the world is the most vulnerable woman. Especially Mom. It is our belief that women have the power to change the world. Woman owns the power to establish a great society without violence and differences. This picture is made to say that all mothers should unite. Woman should not be limited to four walls.The community needs to know, understand and voice their opinions. This is the story of a woman from a traditional family. In the story we show that women should be a major part of the progressive society. It impresses the audience with realistic scenes, real lives and feelings. To do so requires an actress who shows natural emotions. Revati is that talented actress.

Revathi said... This is a movie about a mom. It is a rare tale that says that he has to learn and bring about change even in middle age. The director is a very magnificent rosary story. The story begins with a sentence of thunderstorms and a rainy night. The director took 12 nights to film this one scene. That is how the director made the film with the naturalness of how life is going.Producer Tombak Murali and Kanakadurga have dreamed of making a good movie. Your effort will be recognized by the audience. It doesn't give mom messages. The screams do not cry. Makes you think.

Executive Producer Nagulapalli Kanakadurga said ... It is our strength that there are many women activists seeking female prosperity. The film is a good example of female power.

Madhumita, Ravikaale, Posani, Krishneshwar Rao, Aruvii Bala, Prashanth and Vineeth are the principal cast

cinematography - Madhu Ambatt, Music - Sunny MR, Editing - Praveen Pudi, Songs - Goreti Venkanna, Ram, Indus Martin, costumes: saritha madhavan.

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