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Khaidi Will Set Another Benchmark In Karthik's Career

'Khaidi' Which Is Made In A Different Action Genre Will Set Another Benchmark In Karthik's Career - Producer SR Prabhu, DreamWarrior Pictures

‘Dream Warrior Pictures’ presents Angry Hero Karthi starrer ‘Khaidi’ in Lokesh Kanakaraj’s direction, which is all set to release worldwide for this Diwali on October 25th. Producer KK Radhamohan is presenting 'Khaidi' in Telugu states in his Sri Sathya Sai Arts banner. Here's the interview of Producer S R Prabhu of DreamWarrior Pictures about 'Khaidi'

‘Khaidi’ is the whole story based on one night? What all challenges that were faced?
Yes, ‘Khaidi’ movie’s whole story happens in just one night as penned by Director Lokesh. Hero is a Life sentenced prisoner, who comes out of the jail and faces the outside world, how he faces that night and it happened to be is the one liner of the story. As the whole shooting happen to be at nights, we faced lot of challenges. That too, important action sequences were shot in dense forest area. In severe cold, setting the lighting to look natural was a big challenge. But, because of the good team that we got and  dedicated hero like Karthi , we were able to achieve it very easily.

In the movie, there are no songs, no heroine, is it because to show that it’s a rare attempt?
We can’t say it that way, generally if you see our movies. Even though it’s a commercial movie, like to have what the story demands and that is only delivered to the audience. If you see that way, in ‘Khaidi’ we never needed a heroine at any point of the story. First of all, doesn’t need a heroine when the story is a one night thriller, moreover introduction, a song for the lead character is really not required, so we have avoided. Other than that we didn’t have any intention like attempting differently.

Including ‘Khaki’  like action movies, have seen Karthi many times, but what’s different in this?
As of ‘Khaki’, it’s framed to be a cop thriller, based on the true incidents. But ‘Khaidi’ is totally quite opposite to that. More than half of the movies are action based, in 200 movies that’s getting released per year. But only few movies remain in the audience heart. We believe that like ‘Khaki’ even ‘Khaidi’ will also be added to that list. Not only that, diehard action genre films are very much less here. Can say that ‘Khaidi’ is also an attempt to achieve it.  To that extent, from the first frame and till the climax of the film there is no scarcity for action. Taken without adding any extra sequences and not dropping the flavour of the film is the biggest feature in this film.

Will ‘Khaidi’ satisfy the family audience as there is no heroine and songs, moreover this seems to be a raw action film?
It will satisfy the family audience, even though ‘Khaidi’ is action based film. Not only family audience but also to cover youth audience, more than a heroine and songs, we strongly believe emotions are more important. This is conveyed beautifully and in depth, in ‘Khaidi’. People who watched the trailer would have understood that this film is the journey of a prisoner who comes out of the jail after 10 years to see his 10 years old daughter for the first time. With that, the reason behind the fight, why and whom, the hero hits is more important. Since it is acceptable, family audience will definitely like the fight sequence as well.Since ‘Khaidi’ is an emotional action film, it will be liked by all the audience irrespective of the class. Remembering the ‘Diwali’ occasion, a surprise element is also there in the film. It’s believed that when fans watch in good theatres with good sound effect, that surprise element in the film would be a big Diwali gift.

How much scope does actor Karthi have in this film to score?
‘Dilli’ is a strong character, acted by Karthi in ‘Khaidi’ movie. Even if it’s only single costume for the whole film and shot fully at night mode, Karthi’s acting will definitely mesmerize the fans as he is acted in such a way. Karthi has done lot of homework for this character, like how the body language of the lifetime sentenced prisoner be, how he behaves when he comes out, how the dialogue delivery should be. Two to three scenes will impact us, as tears will rollout naturally for the emotional acting of Karthi. Particularly, one tight close up scene that runs for almost 3 minutes, which is acted by Karthi, in single take. It has come out naturally and doesn’t seem to be like acting. Not only is that, all the action sequences are done by Karthi himself taking risk without any dupe. This will get the applause in the theatre. ‘Dilli’ will definitely set the benchmark in Karthi’s career.

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