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Allu Aravind felicitated ‘Mahanati’ Team

On the occasion of ‘Mahanati’ blockbuster response, producer Allu Aravind and Allu Arjun felicitated the team of ‘Mahanati.’ Directors Rajamouli, Harish Shankar, Vamshi Paidipalli, Maruthi, Sampath Nandi, Vakkantham Vamsi, Trinadha Rao Nakkina, Kishore Pardasani, Karunakaran, Vijay Kumar Konda, Nandini Reddy, music composer MM Keeravani, writers Paruchuri Brothers, producers Gemini Kiran, KS Rama Rao, Ramesh Prasad, Shyam Prasad Reddy, BVSN Prasad and others have graced the event. 

I had no expectations on Savitri biopic ‘Mahanati’ and wanted to comment only after watching the movie. There are many types of blockbusters in the industry and only few elevate the pride of Telugu cinema. ‘Mahanati’ falls in the same category. The script work, performances and everything is just fantastic. The entire credit should go to director Nag Ashwin and young producers Swapna and Priyanka Dutt. There are many beautiful episodes in the movie. The interlinking of Savitri and Gemini’s love track to Devadas movie is a terrific idea. Savitri getting addicted to alcohol is shown in a settled way, hatsoff to Nag Ashwin. I feel jealous of few directors and Nag Ashwin is in that list.

Allu Aravind
It is my responsibility to honour the director and producers of ‘Mahanati’ for making an epic that has mesmerized the Telugu audience. Keerthy Suresh performed extraordinarily in the role of Savitri. ‘Baahubali’ has brought pan India recognition to Tollywood and ‘Mahanati’ made sure the popularity climbed further. Allu Arjun said we should celebrate ‘Mahanati’ success and it is a good gesture. Every Telugu audience is whole-heartedly appreciating ‘Mahanati’ and this is definitely going to be a historic film.

Allu Arjun
After watching ‘Mahanati’ I called director Nag Ashwin and thanked him for making the entire film industry proud. I felt restless and jet lagged, that’s how much ‘Mahanati’ had inspired me. ‘Mahanati’ is a proof of when you have a good script, it will automatically grab top notch technicians. Nobody in the industry can dare to make ‘Mahanati’ apart from Swapna, Priyanka and Nag Ashwin. ‘Mahanati’ once again has proved that films are not about numbers but about experience. Hats off to Ashwini Dutt’s passion towards cinema.

Nag Ashwin
The appreciation we are getting for this film is yet to sink in. it’s beyond something I feel and we are standing on the shoulders of legends. We touched the history Telugu cinema with utmost honesty and sincerity. The likes of NTR, ANR, Savitri, KV Reddy and so on are there in this flick and so everyone is reacting on the film. This is a real tribute to Savitri as her life story deserves to be a superhit. We made ‘Mahanati’ with huge responsibility and probably Savitri garu drove us to here. We are lucky to be part of this journey. Thanks to producer Allu Aravind garu for celebrating the success.

Harish Shankar
Allu Arjun messaged me saying that ‘Mahanati’ is a classic! To host this celebrations on par with his film, shows how much he loves cinema. Coming to Mahanati, director Nag Ashwin made me feel guilty because this is truly a cinematic experience. I had tears in my eyes watching the film, probably this is called excellence of cinema.

Paruchuri Gopala Krishna
Producer Allu Aravind should be appreciated for hosting ‘Mahanati’ success event on Mother’s Day. I thought Savitri biopic would have tragic and commercial touch. But the way the director interlinked Samantha and Vijay Deverakonda’s love track to Gemini Ganesan and Savitri is dealt very well. Nag Ashwin penned a grippy screenplay. Swapna, Priyanka Dutt delivered such a classic that ‘Mahanati’ is being compared with the likes of ‘Mayabazar’ ‘Shankarabharanam.’

I was in trance after watching ‘Mahanati’ and could not do anything for two days. Many directors are expressing their views on this particular film, such is it’s influence and it’s really a big deal. ‘Mahanati’ is no ordinary film and it’s a lesson for all directors. Thank you Nag Ashwin for this masterpiece.

Vamshi Paidipalli
Nag Ashwin did not make a film, he penned a book. I think Savitri garu drove you to make this film. My nephew in the United States was reluctant to watch this movie but somehow he was made to watch. Now the kid is just watching videos of Savitri garu on YouTube. Such is the impact of ‘Mahanati.’

MM Keeravani
Everyone has worked with devotion for ‘Mahanati’ and accordingly the film met with a huge success. A person who makes films irrespective of commercial aspects and completely believes in his script is true director. Nag Ashwin made a hontest attempt.

Vijay Deverakonda
My mom and dad turned emotional after watching ‘Mahanati.’ Reputed personalities from the industry are congratulating and celebrating our success. I thank director Nag Ashwin, Priyanka Dutt and Swapna Dutt for making me small part of this film.

Ashwini Dutt
Feel blessed that my dear friend, Allu Aravind, hero Allu Arjun, director Rajamouli and many others have graced this occasion. I was sceptic about Nag Ashwin’s execution but it’s Savitri garu’s inspiration that led us. As Rajamouli said my contribution for this film is minimal and the entire credit should go to Nag Ashwin, Priyanka and Swapna.

Swapna Dutt
Everyone poured down their compliments on ‘Mahanati’ and that’s when I realized we ended our seven years of hide & seek. Some super power had made us to do ‘Mahanati’ and this is the best gift we can give to our father. Thanks to Allu Aravind garu and Allu Arjun for hosting this success party.

Keerthy Suresh
This Savitri garu’s victory. Thanks to director Nag Ashwin for the opportunity and ‘Mahanati’ is not at all possible without Priyanka and Swapna Dutt. A lot of women have worked for this film. I thank Allu Aravind and Allu Arjun for felicitating the entire team. It’s learning experience to work with the likes of Mohan Babu, Prakash Raj, Samantha, Rajendra Prasad and Dulquer Salmaan. Thanks to Savitri amma for this wonderful opportunity. I’m blessed.

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