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Shalini Movie Platinum Disc Function

 The horror thriller "Shalini" film Platinum Disc is released on September one Amog bag of Gold Productions banner, Archana, sreyavyas parcel as the hero and the heroine in the direction of Fame Sheraz "Lion" Sai Venkat P presentation. V. Telangana Film Chamber of Commerce Chairman Pratanam Ramakrishna Goud, Telangana Movie Artist Association President Cine Actress Kavita, Producer Lion Sai Venkat, Producer Mohan Goud, Sensor Board Member Atuluri Ramakrishna Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam. A. V. V. Suresh. Platinum disc shields were distributed by Prakashan Ramakrishna Goud, Kavitha hands on film unit subscriptions. Ramakrishna Goud speaking ... I appreciate Sheraj. He said that he would provide theaters in the main centers on my behalf Talking poetry .. I appreciate Sheraj. It's a good story. Our support is for our new generation. Listening to songs is very good. Music is very good. Navneet has a good future. Good luck to the producers of greetings to all the technicians working in the film. Sai Venkat, presenter of the film, says that the name Shalini is very good. A certificate has been issued for the film to be completed. The songs released by Alreddy Sivaranamani music received lakhs of songs. Even if the title is soft, the film will be scared. Director Sharraj said, "This is my second film with producer Satyanarayana. The 'A' validation for our film is because the horror is high, so the horror of those who love it will succeed. I am doing Venkateswara Swamy Characters in Bhoopodu film and another Bhakti Rasam film. The film's hero, Amag Desi, said, "Thank you to the producers for giving me a chance Easimima small film is not a big movie but I want to be a good movie. The filmmaker said ... the second movie with Sheraj has done a hunt for this story. Thank you all for receiving this punch, we are releasing this film on September one.

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