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Action King Arjun Interview

                       A new Experience - Action King Arjun featuring 'LI' 'Lie' starring Yuichstar Nitin. 14 Reels Entertainment Pvt Ltd, Venkat Boyapalli is the heroine of Megha Akash in the direction of Hanu Raghavpudi directed by 'Krishna Gangai Veeratha Ghat'. Titiful producers Ram Achanta, Gopi Achanta, Anil Sunkara is the stylish action entertainer film 'Lye'. The film was released on August 11th. Interview with senior hero Action King Arjun in the role of villain Padmanabha in the film ... To do new things - I wanted to do something new as a hero in 150 movies. That new thing also seemed to me now. The heroes are coming up with movies. Am. Any new feature will be shown in any new role. Allu Arjun is doing a different role in the film. It's good to do these variations. Why not use it when God gave the opportunity? New Experience ... - A new Experience featuring Lai Cinema. Hanu Raghavapudi came and told the story. But doing a villain is a lot of things related to the movies I am currently doing. The film is also expected in Business Angle. As soon as the story was heard, there was a good demention as an actor. So why not be a villain? Alright with Nitin. He is a good hardworker as an actor. I like it very much. That's why I made the film. Good response .. - When it came to acting as a hero, there was no response from everyone else. Cinema is not a single man show ... - Movie Success I do not believe the word One Man Show. If someone says that they are insane. Because the movie is not difficult for anybody. Many technicians, including director and cameraman, will have to work. The film is very difficult. Cinematic style changing ... - Cinematic Making Style changes. He is a hero in a movie in Hollywood and plays villain in another movie. In another film is a small character. That variation appeared in our Indian cinema. But now that variation will change. Everyone is trying to make different rolls. I also act in 150 cinemas and I have to do different roles. Even if no one has ever worked with me, I will make myself a producer and director. I do not know that knowledge ... - Any good politician or bad politician, anyone should have a full understanding of politics. I do not have such knowledge of politics. We are in the film, and there is a populist, that is not going to come into politics. Even in cinemas can be good. My last film, Jaihind 2, was released in Telugu, Tamil and Kannada. My film also received a State Award in Kannada. The film is a common man's struggle against the education system. Such films are also a good idea. Patriotism is not just a guitar in the frontier. What good work the country can do is the patriot. Rice for rice, keeping the house and surroundings clean. I'm making a movie with my girlfriend ... - I am making a film in the main role of my daughter Aishwarya. The shooting is also out. I'm in Tamil, Kannada. Why do many people take my daughter into the movie? If I can not believe the industry I have for over 35 years. Everything goes wrong and agrees. It depends on us.

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