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RGV To Direct NTR Biopic With Balakrishna

 The first of the Telugu films was to take three characters called NTR.  That name will be heard by the Telugu chest with pride and self-assumption.  He is not a Mahatatta, the most popular Mahal Politician before the whole Telugu soil and before him  I have a personal relationship with him as he walked through a 10 km distance walk to a 23-minute bus ticket to watch a blockbuster hit forest ramadu.  Also, I am among the millions of people who have come to the bottom of the first wave of the NTR Telugu Desam Party.  I'm feeling very proud of the NTR's life as a biopic.  This is the most true of that Mahanasi NTR Biopic is his enemy, unbelievable doloharovo, no controversy behind any controversies of all of the Telugu Telugu public soon in my NTR movie.  I can say, "Why do not you know what your Mother Earth is Bharathi?" I say to every Teluguwoman in the world as one of the only 8 crore Tamils ​​in a film director's capacitor.

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