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Avanthika Interview About Vaisakam

 'Vaishakham' will be a good break for me in Telugu - Avantika Dynamic lady director Jaya B has made a good name for creating and directing youth and family entertainers like 'Chantigadu', 'Gundamagari gratuit' and 'Lovely'. Her latest film Love and Family Entertainer is 'Vaishakham'. Harish and Avanika are producing BA Raja on RJ Cenimas banner and the movie is to be released worldwide on July 21. Interview with heroine Avantika on this occasion ... Background ... - ours Delhi. My father is a Air Force Officer. In my dad's job, I traveled to many places in India. Amma's Housewife. How did you get a chance in `Vaishakham`? - Producer BA Rajuaguru, director Jayagaru saw my photos. They liked calling and called for a photo shoot. I, hero Harish took part in the photo shoot. When the shoot is done, I tell the story. I liked the sign of the agreement. What did you do in the movie? - In the film 'Vaishakham' I made a role as Bhanumati. I look like a modern girl. Bhanumati is the most important girl of family values. There are definite opinions. There will also be a costume. Jayakaru Bhanumati's role was well connected to me. Because I'm in real life too. Bhanumathi was very happy to be in the role of the character. `Vaishakham` breaks me good in Telugu. Good romantic love story. There are small confrontations between the hero heroines in the film and the play. What kind of response do you get? - The songs that Dhee Vasanthaga have got very good response. In addition to the song Bhanumathi .. Conti Chilaka ... Song also liked me. Each song is in a different variation. Working Experience with Senior Actors? - The film features many senior actors including Sai Kumar, Rama Prabhaga and Kashi Vishwanath. Movie with high emotional content. Especially there are many impartence scenes with Saikumar. There are good comedy scenes with Prithviraj. How was the entry of the film industry? - I had Tom Bailea as a child. I wanted a file or sports person. I also played state level badminton. Taking the train to the national level. But slowly fascinated towards movies. I first acted in 'Maya' in Telugu. The movie 'Vaishakhham' was later released. How did it seem to be in RJ Cinemas? - Jayaraju and the king took a lot of care. Not only is it a good role but also good promotions in cinema. Careful as family members. Dangerous in the case of dancing? - Yes .. I learned the story. But dancing in cinemas has taught a new experience. Each zoner has a song. I also learned 15 days of hard dance dance for Country Contemporary Song. This song was shot in Kazhakistan-6 degrees Cold in Shekhar Master Composition. Jayagara, the king taught dance dance assistant and dancing. The practice of the film is believed to be able to do well in the future for the films that are being done in the future. How is the Director Jaya Working Working Experience? - Jayagara is a very clarity director. She knows what she wants from the cast. Who knows how to get out of their performance. She is a heroine, not a pretty face but a good performance. Practice with me before the shooting. Jayagara is the director of the female director. Every shot is eager to come out very well. She did inspired the working style. About the producer BA Raju? - The king of the producer speaks very little, is a professional. In the movie, it's got what they want. No pressure was put on anyone. I thought I had spent a lot of time working with RJCima. But the shooting did not seem to go. Is the scene a very hard work for you in the film? - Climax Scene. Fourteen-page dialogue has to be told. It is difficult to see how big a film is so hard to learn. I've done that very well with Kana Jayagari support. Good emotional scene. Audience is well connected to everyone. About hero Harish? - Harish is a very good person. Energetic. Down to Earth. He is very happy to work with him. Who are your favorite actors in Telugu? - Look at Telugu films. I saw movies like Baahubali 2, Deejay Duvvada Jagannatham. Well done. There are many great talented artists like Prabhas, Bunny and Anushka. The dream roll? - I have a desire to make Warrior Prince a role in Periodic Movie. Next Movies ..? - I am doing Nenjamela Kadal with Ashok Selvan in Tamil. There are still cine opportunities.

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