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Qayyum Bhai Audio Launched

 The audio launch of 'Qayum Bhai' through the hands of Minister Puthupati Palli Rao  The film based on the life story of Gangster Nayyam - `Quyum Bhai`. Tarakaratna is cast in the role of Nattu Katta Rambabu, ACP. Bharath is directing. Mrs. Katta Sarada Chaudhary is producing this film on the banner of Sri Sai Imaginary Creations. Shekhar Chandra provided music. The audio launch of the film was held on Friday evening at the FCC Cultural Center in Hyderabad. Andhra Pradesh Minister Potti Patti Pulla Rao, who has been the chief guest, launched the big CD, and the actor Suman started the CDs and presented them to the guests. Teaser was released by the corporator Khaja Suryanarayana.  Minister Puthupathi Palla Rao said, "Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is trying to improve the film industry in AP. The first film to be screened in Amravati was the opening ceremony of the Kyaubhai Nai. Gangster Naim is now a hot topic in AP, Telangana state. Rambabu is doing an interesting role in making such a story. People are keen to know his story. Rambabu also looks like Naime to see. His well-groomed Rambabu is well-established. The scenes are very natural if the trailer is watching. The film wants a big hit. If such films are successful, more and more new producers are enthusiastic to come to the film industry. Dhananjay and Kantha Rao are very supportive for the film production, "he said.  Actor Suman said, "Director Bharat is a good technician. This is a real event. Rambabu became anchor for the role of Nayyam. Well that is the character. The editing of Gautam Raju is good. If there is a novelty in the story, the Telugu audience will appreciate any movie. The film will surely be audiences. "  Pratapani Ramakrishna Goud, President of Telangana Film Chamber of Commerce, said, "Rambabu is a good friend to me. Nayem is now a hot topic in Telangana. He is making a movie with the story. Here are good openings. The film is a big hit.  Nayeem Pathakari Katta Rambabu said, "My film career as a technician in Padmalaya studio has started. I've been away for movies for a while now. Really, as a politician, step up and reach this level. Nayeem was made with the idea that the story would be good. In fact, I have a small connection to Nieme. One day when he was unaware of Nayeem, he made a phone call and threatened me. I did not even know what he was talking about. And then by my friend Nayeem. Now he has made a story. We are going to show him many things that people do not know about him. Sekhar Chandra has provided good music. Minister Cutti Patti Rao supported me well. In the budget, we did not do anything without compromising. Some of my actors have earned me a graceful role. Specially thanks to all of them. Gautam Raju gave the film the confidence of the film. We want all of Telugu audiences to enjoy our film. "He said.  Director Bharat said, "On September 18th, the movie was started in Amravati. Despite the obstacles during filming, we have worked hard for three months to save all of them. Producer Katta Sarada Chaudhary did not compromise on the budget. All you have to do in Time. That's why we could get better out of the foot. What's the biggest hit of the movie Myshamma IPS? That succeeds beyond the film. In my career, I'll be a Mile Stone movie. "  Film producer Katta Sarada Choudhary said, "The audience is coming up with a good storyline. There is no compromise on the structure. We spent heavily for quality. There was a good out foot. All the Telugu viewers want to enjoy our film.  Music director Shekhar Chandra said, "This is my own shooting film. Such films have not worked so far. This is a little tension. Yet the songs are well. Bharat garu handed out good coaching. He has done a great experience with him. Rambabu has done well. The film is a good success.  The ceremony was attended by Shivaswamy, Kishan Rao, Vinod, Banerjee, Chinna, Sridhar, Khaja Surya Naira and others.  Mouni (Bangalore), Priya, Harshita, Ragini, Suman, Chalapathi Rao, Banerjee, LB. Sriram, Jeevan, Vinod, Ranjagan, Fish Venkat, Dasanna, Koteswara Rao, Jr.Rellangi and others are in the cast. Camera: Sridhar North, Editing: Gautam Raju, Art: PV Raju, Music: Shekhar Chandra, Fights: Vijay, Dancing: Shekhar, Dialogues: Bhavani Prasad, Story-Story-Direction: Bharat

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