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Rakul Preeth Ra Randoi Veduku Chuddam Interview

 I feel lucky to see the character of Bhramaramba - Rakul Preet Singh Annapurna Studios banner is directed by Kalyan Krishna directed by Akkineni Nagarjuna and directed by 'Rarandoyi' will be screened by Annapurna blessings as young Samrat Naagachaitanya hero. The film will release on May 26th. Interview with Rakul Pretty ... About the character ... - Let's look at the Randhoya celebration my character's name in the film Bhramaramba. So far I have not done such a role in the films I made. Very Strong Characterization. Very lavable character. If you want me to play the role of heroine in the film, my role is very important. I feel lucky to be in such a role. Thanks to director Kalyan Krishna for giving me the opportunity to believe in this role. I do not know if I was a fiery beam or the role of Bhramaramba but I enjoyed it very much while doing this roll. I will say that too .. - If someone comes to me and harms the girl's peace of mind, I say that boys are poisonous. In the case of costumes ... - Amma Bhramaramba of the big family in the village. That's why the girls are in the pace bracelet colslare in which I also designed the Bright Colors. My character is a cherish and my dressing is just as trending. Neerajkona made this film a costume designer. I'm mummy of Hyderabad .. - I forgot that I was born in the north. My film career started in Tollywood. I am proud to say that Hyderabadi was born. I will also learn Telugu. When I was doing Tamil film in Chennai, I gave a Telugu translator. Dialogs in Tamil in Telugu I say dialogues in Tamil. Telugu gave me an Identity. Cause director - For me, chemistry is very good chemistry because the director is. We can not grow the range chemistry if he does not design our characters beautifully. Innocent LoveStory will be seen in this movie. Kalyan Krishna is a very good person. Working Experience with the Seat - Chaitu has a good introduction to me since I have good comfort levels while working with him in this movie. He is a very good boy. About the producer ... - Nagarjuna has taken a lot of care. Very comfortably placed. Supriya was also companion. On the last day of the movie, Nagras telephoned me. I saw the movie. Bhramaramba's character is very good. Favorite songs .. - Devisriprasad provided excellent music. Taekta takazju .. The title song is my favorite songs. Will Produce Production? - I'm a girl from the middle class family. Interested in production but it still has time. Now is interested in acting. Producer is likely to become a heroine. We do not think about the production now.

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