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"Sharanam Gachami" Producer -Writer Murali Bommaku Interview

 Victory for the construction of an image, tasked with Murali  Read higher education, a job abroad, and was born in a rich family in society anyayalapai samarasankham Fisted for the construction of the person filling out the Victory, Murali energy picture. Inequalities in society and the future prospects of underprivileged rupumapalane saduddesyam India with the reservation provided for by the Constitution. S implementation of the reservation being established with but saduddesyam receive the target, so that people who are more active in this field and chose to make the film industry a powerful image, Murali. Picture, directed by Prem Raj Murali is gaining in popularity in the wake of the release of your film produced gaccami give a media conference held today. During that revealed several interesting features.    Unlike other stolen avadame Une culture will be more.  For the release of the film, had faced many difficulties, due to the stupidity of the sensor, the sensor officer had to go to the board. Overcoming all obstacles to the sum of two Telugu states have been 85 theatrical release yesterday. Coming from all over the place after the release of better response. So today rose by another 20 theaters.  My next film, everyone is entitled to vote viniyogincukovalane tiyabotunnanu with the concept, the story, screenplay and direction, along with the doll was also said to be I guess.

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