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Gajendrudu Release Postponed

 Gajendrudu reasons to postpone the inevitable release of the film  Kathacitralato three decades, many family pictures super dupar provided by the production company, the production of 89 Super Good Movies banner as a producer of the documentary film `gajendrudu arbicaudari. Arya, played the hero and the heroine Catherine. Yuvan Shankar Raja's music had a good response from the audience to the film's soundtrack. The completed image sensor programs, however, have to plan ahead for this film to be released on April 14. But the producers announced to postpone the inevitable reasons, the release said. When the film was released, the producers said teliyajestamani gajendrudu soon.  The producer of the film is 89 vastunnaprodaksannem arbicaudari Mr. matladutuma supargud `gajendrudu Films banner. Movie Arya will be the turning point in the career of the film. Katherine played very well. Even if the role of the hero and heroine have to accommodate the transmigration. She was then changed to accommodate their body language. On 14 ceyalanukunnam this release. But some extent inevitable reasons to postpone the release of the film. Release date will be announced soon. Gajendrudu impresses audiences to this summer. The film can be enjoyed by the entire family, our gajendrudu. Yuvansankar king of good music. Director Raghav was very hard work. He said.  Despite the crowd, said Arya hero .. I received the new film. Gajendrudu a new movie. The producers of the films produced kantentbesd arbicaudarigaru. To the backdrop of the film is not so easy to Forest. The film is not without support caudarigari cesevallam. Kathryn has a lot of support. Raghav was the director of the film, this new concept. He is the director of his good grasp of the future, Telugu, Tamil assends big director. The film is expected to release soon Telugu. Arya said to be the hero.

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